Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Car

Cars open up a whole new world once you pass your driver’s test. You can go anywhere, explore the world and it gives you a whole new sense of independence. It is great to be able to go on a road trip with friends, see new places and be able to say goodbye to public transport. It does however come with more costs and monthly expenses. Having a car is an expensive part of life but there are things you can put into place to save a bit of money. Here are some things to try and save some money on your vehicle.

Invest In Your Tires

Good quality tires are a must-have and while it may be tempting to go for the cheapest tires when getting a new car when you are excited about getting out on the open road. Sometimes it can work out more expensive in the long run as well as costing you more on fuel and needs to be replaced on a more regular basis. So have a look at where to buy tires and go for ones that will be better for you long term. 

Shop Around For Fuel Prices

Different places to get fuel all have different prices, do a bit of research, keep an eye when driving around and find the cheaper option, it is all the same thing so find somewhere that is going to be a bit easier on the bank balance when filling up. 

Check Tire Pressure Regularly

It will cost you a small amount each time but it will save you money in the long run. If it is losing air or too much air it can cause much more expensive repairs being needed if you hit a bump in the road or have any issues from it not being at the right pressure. 

Car Pool For Your Work Commute

Driving to and from work every day is expensive on fuel, see if you have someone who lives close to you so you can both take turns in going and taking each other. You are then halving the amount of money spent on your work commute. 

Wash Your Car By Yourself

Cars get dirty very easily and very quickly. Having your car cleaned professionally is nice to have done and can be a treat but it also costs quite a bit. Invest in some quality cleaning supplies and get to work, you can get the kids involved as well as part of their chores. It doesn’t take much time at all and it can be a bonding exercise to do with your little ones. Once you are done treat yourself to a new car scent and you will be proud of a job well done.

So there you have it. A few simple things to try and do give these a go and see how much you can save. It really might surprise you and give you some more inspiration for saving money with your car and other things you have.



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