5 Handy Apps For Drivers

Driving is a big part of most of our lives, whether it’s a commute in traffic or a leisurely cruise to somewhere new and exciting! You might be a real car enthusiast or someone who just wants to get from a to b, either way- these five apps can really enhance your driving experience.

1 . ParkMe 

Those who live in a big city know that parking can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare! To take your troubles away, ParkMe is the app for you. With this app, you can check the availability and prices for parking lots and street parking too. You can also use the handy timers, so you don’t overstay and get a ticket. ParkMe offers directions to the parking lot you are looking for (no more driving around forever to find a parking space)! 

2. SensAiry

Driving with the incorrect tire pressure is a safety hazard, plus you won’t get a smooth drive. The SensAiry app allows you to track your car’s tire pressure using low energy Bluetooth. You’ll also get data about the temperature levels plus all data is backed up on the cloud. We often don’t notice low leaks right way, but with SensAiry, you’ll see the problem immediately and be able to fix it. It’s important to have your tires serviced often for wear and tear or replacement. Calgary Tires & Wheel Shop offer some great services at some nice prices. 

3. Roadtrippers

For all you adventurers out there, Roadtrippers is certainly the app for you! The app helps you to find the cool stopping points along your chosen route plus estimate your gas costs and book hotels or tours. One of the best things about Roadtrippers is that there is a community chat feature where you can talk to other road-trippers nearby and get yourself some handy tips. You’ll also get live traffic updates plus simple navigation and maps.

4. Sygic 

Sygic is a car navigation app with a simple and effective interface. The app includes info on speed limits as you go so that you can always keep track. There’s also a voice navigation with text- to- speech features to get you safely and quickly to your destination. The voice system is available in 40+ languages and there’s a great feature whereby you can locate the nearest gas stations and take a look at the different prices too. 

5. Autocare

Autocare is a useful app which allows you to keep on top of your car maintenance needs. You can use this app to monitor your car’s service history and track how much money you’ve spent on your car overall. The app also sends reminders about your distances and mileage. With Autocare you won’t miss your next tire rotation or wheel alignment- you’ll know precisely what your car needs and when!

When using apps, ensure that you are always keeping your eyes on the road.  It can be useful to invest in a car HUD to project info from your dash and phone onto your windscreen. There’s plenty of useful technology for your car to be found, with a little shopping around.


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