Fun Mods To Add To Your Car

If you are looking for some fun elements to make your car more exciting this year there are many amazing things you can do. When adding mods to a car you can either go for safety and performance or you can go for aesthetics. 

Whether you get your vehicle remapped to improve its horsepower or use Liquid Concepts to add some stunning vinyls to the car… there are countless fun things to try and we are here to share just a few with you today. 

1. Short Throw Shifter

Change the distance between the shifter and fulcrum point to allow you quicker movements in your car. 

2. New Floor Mats

The floor mats of the car are often taken for granted and forgotten about, and they can be a good thing to replace now and again. You can either choose simple black mats or have some fun and choose something a bit more out there. 

3. Interior Vinyl

A cheap way to bring some style to the inside of the car is to add some vinyl and bring a pop of colour to the vehicle. It will be a fun little touch and it won’t cost you much at all. 

4. Steering Wheel Cover

By adding a steering wheel cover in a fun colour or design you will be able to bring some of your personality to the car. You can find steering wheel covers in many different styles and you’ll even be able to find one that’s furry and soft to keep your hands warm on cold mornings! 

5. Racing Pedals

Because why not? 

6. Interior Lighting

Did you know that you can replace the lights inside the car to make your car feel more modern? You can choose LED dome lighting which will update the inside of the car without spending too much money. 

7. Cover the arm rest 

We all have an armrest next to the driver’s seat of the car and if you want to add some fun to your car you can cover this with a bright colour or pattern. Either match the exterior colour of the car or have some fun and choose something a bit more crazy. 

8. Trunk Liner

Adding a trunk liner to the back of your car will not only make the trunk look better but it will ensure that you are using all of the space you have in the trunk efficiently. 

9. Seat Covers

Seat covers can be a fun mod to add to the inside of the car and they will make a massive difference to the look and feel of the vehicle. Personalise your car by choosing new seat covers that suit your taste and style. You can find many amazing seat covers to choose from so there will always be something that appeals to you and your needs. 

10. Add a Flux Capacitor

Want to feel a bit like Marty McFly but don’t have a Dollorian? Well you can still feed the geek in you and have some fun today. A flux capacitor is a cool nod to the old classic movie and will also make your car look awesome. 

11. Phone Holder

These days it is crucial for us to be able to use tech in the car, and one of these pieces of tech is our phone. If you use your phone as a Sat Nav often it is a good idea to get yourself a phone holder to keep it in place in a safe spot. 


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