Why You Should Consider Buying A Crossover Vehicle

Since 2017, the sale of crossover vehicles has increased steadily, exceeding the sale of cars. If you check supermarket parking lots, city streets, rural highways or your neighbors’ garages, there’s a good chance that you will see more crossovers than any other type of vehicle. The humble family sedan used to be the prime mover of suburban commutes, but most automakers are ditching sedans and diverting their investment to crossovers to meet the growing demand. If you have been considering buying a new car, there are many reasons why you should get a crossover. 

It has enough space for your family 

One of the biggest reasons why crossover vehicles are so popular right now is that they have enough space to meet most people’s needs, especially those with families. Most crossover vehicles can carry four passengers comfortably, while some even have a third row that can hold three more passengers. Another advantage of a crossover is that it will have more storage space than a traditional sedan. Most traditional full-size sedans have around 15 cubic feet of trunk storage space, which is less than half the space you get in the trunk of most crossovers. If you have dogs, this is yet another feature that makes a crossover vehicle the better option. 

It is more affordable than an SUV

A crossover vehicle is more affordable to buy and drive than a traditional SUV. Crossovers are smaller than SUVs, and also have smaller engines. If you do a price comparison of the best crossover vehicles today, you will find that most of them will have sticker prices of less than $25,000 for brand new models. Since they have smaller engines than SUVs, crossovers are often more fuel-efficient, which is a feature that many Americans are keen on, with rising gas prices across the country. Most crossovers will give you more than 30 miles per gallon on the highway, which is comparable to sedans, and much better than traditional SUVs. 

It is easy to get in and out of 

Another unusual reason why many people are opting to buy crossovers is that they are the easiest to get in and out, especially for the aging population. People prefer vehicles that they can easily slide into, without having to lift themselves up or down. Getting into a sedan often feels like a controlled fall into the seat, while getting into an SUV feels like a climb up. Crossovers have wider door openings, lower sills, and the perfect seat height for you to get in and out effortlessly. 

If you’re in the market for a new car, you should consider getting a crossover. It will give you the best of both worlds: the affordability of a sedan, and the space, power and comfort of an SUV. 


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