Should You Fix It Or Ditch It?

When you buy a used car, there is always an element of it needing some careful attention. It’s not that it’s falling apart or anything (yet), but a used car is often one that has some wear and tear beyond the norm. It’s already been through the wringer with another driver or two, so you have to then be responsible for any breakdowns and fixes that are necessary. A good detailing service may be all that’s needed sometimes.

A used car that is aging often offers up a knocking engine that starts to sound over the radio while you’re driving it, and this can be a costly repair. When you hear the engine like this, it’s usually because one of the main bearings has worn out, which isn’t cheap! A used car that you’ve newly bought always needs a level of TLC, so you’ll likely take it for car detailing and a tune up with your local garage. It’s in these moments you’ll find out whether your car is a money pit, or if it’s going to just take one or two repairs to get it working properly on the road again. It’s not easy to decide whether the used car that you bought is going to be worth fixing up, but there are some goalposts to think about that can help you to decide whether to keep it or ditch it.

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The first consideration you need to make is what the age of the car is. If you are dealing with a car that is twenty plus years old, then you should think about the fact that safety standards have changed and grown. Upgrading your car to something more recent will bring down the costs of repairs and enable you to properly install car seats and other safety measures.


One of the biggest problems that a car can face is rust, and that’s because it can compromise the integrity of the entire frame of the car. If your car has rusted in any way, you may need to consider ditching it! It’s not usually possible for cars to come back from rusted frames that make it dangerous to drive.


A much as possible, you need to learn how to keep your particular car model up to date and fixed. Not every mechanic will know how to maintain your make and model of your vehicle. You’ll keep throwing good money on repairs if you don’t get it fixed soon enough.

Determine Its Worth

You must decide whether the car you drive is worth the cost; both financially and emotionally. A lot of people are attached to their model of car because it belonged to a family member, or it was their car from a young age. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it up. An unsafe car is not worth keeping for the sake of memories.

Your car needs to be a safe one on the road to drive. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself with a broken down car and a huge repair bill.



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