Boost Your Diesel’s Efficiency In With These Simple Techniques

Magic! That’s how some people see the process of getting their diesel engine to run more efficiently. However, this really isn’t the case. In fact, you don’t have to be a wizard to get more horsepower and use less fuel in your diesel, as the techniques below prove. Read on to find out what they are.

Don’t let your engine idle

Like to burn dollar bills? Well, that so basically what you are doing if you let your diesel engine idle instead of turning it off when you don’t need to move for a while. Yes, I know that you have to then go through the hassle of getting it back up to temperature before you can drive off, but if you are looking to make things run more efficiently idling a diesel engine is a habit that needs to be stopped.

Invest in regular tune-ups

Investing in regular diesel engine tuneups is a fantastic way to make them run more efficiently. In fact, you don’t even have to take your car into the garage to do this, as can you can buy products like the SCT tuner that you can use at home instead. You can even purchase custom tunes for it, allowing the airflow and fuel pressure to be tweaked perfectly for the exact configuration of your car. Something that can help it run way more efficiently and squeeze out extra horsepower as well.

Watch out for fuel contamination

Now, you may think that when you drive up to a gas station and fill your tank full of gas at the diesel pump, diesel is what you are going to get. Sadly this isn’t always the case, as less reputable businesses have been known to mix fuel to turn a profit, or to just not practice effective cross-contamination prevention!

Of course, if you end up with regular gas in your engine you are in some grave trouble, and not only will your vehicle not run efficiently but it will need some serious attention to get it running again at all!

It goes without saying then, that if you in any doubt about the quality of the diesel you are filling your car up with, stop and go somewhere else. Otherwise, there could be hell to pay!

Don’t overload your vehicle

Lastly, don’t forget that you can expect your diesel engine to run at maximum efficiency if you are continually asking it to pull more that is recommended for its specs.

Yes, sometime you will have times when your vehicle is full of luggage like when you go on holiday or move your kids into their college dorm, but these issues can be reduced by ensuring your tires have the proper tread, and that they are inflated correctly.

However, if you find yourself regularly overloading your vehicle, you really are creating a recipe for disaster. A recipe that means you will not only end up spending more on fuel that you would like, but you will shorten your vehicle’s’ overall life span as well.


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