The Good and Bad of Buying Vintage Cars

It is becoming more usual to see classic cars on our roads as drivers opt for a vintage model over the modern cars of today. It is no different to buying a car just of the production line in the respect that there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Why are so many drivers buying vintages cars, and what are the reasons that some people wouldn’t?

The Advantages of Vintage Cars

Modern cars are all starting to look very much alike. This is because the makers all want the best design for things such as aerodynamics, and that means they have to be designed in a similar way. With some of them now, unless you can get close enough to see the name you would not know which manufacturer they were from.

That is not an issue with vintage cars. Every make had a unique look of its own, and they all had their own style and character. They might not have been as comfortable as modern day cars but there was never any doubt what the car in front of you was.

You had to actually drive a vintage car; there were not all the gizmos there is today to help. You could tell from the noise of the engine if you were in the wrong gear, for instance, there was no flashing light telling you to change up or down.

Financially, they are a great deal. Many people have experienced a sudden drop in value as they drive a new car off the forecourt. This does not happen when you buy a vintage car as they hold their price much better. Most of them will certainly hold their value, and a well-maintained one could even increase what it is worth.

Vintage cars are not necessary cars from the 1920s.  The 1990s were considered to be a great time for JDM cars, and this is one vintage that will not cost you an absolute fortune. Similarly, great American cars such as Oldsmobiles and Mustangs from the 70s and 80s are often very inexpensive and pretty cool looking.

The Disadvantages Of Vintage Cars

The biggest problem with vintage cars is maintaining them in good condition. Parts for them can be hard to come by which makes them expensive. Sometimes you have to find a specialist garage to have to carry out the repairs, and again that can be costly.

It is not just a mechanical problem either. They did not have the rust protection that modern cars have so are much more likely to need some bodywork repairs as well.

Classic cars are prone to be less reliable. They did not have things like engine management systems to help keep them on the road, and following years of wear and tear, they are more likely to let you down.

Do not expect there to be any of the mod cons that you have in up to date cars. There is nowhere to plug your phone in, no cruise control or built-in Sat-nav. Compared to today’s cars they were very basic, but for some drivers that is a plus. Forget the air conditioning too, if you are hot you have to open a window or just swelter in the heat.

Things You Need To Consider Before You Buy A Vintage Car

Before you hand over your hard earned cash for a vintage car there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Are you prepared for the possible extra cost involved? Will you be using it every day or will it just come out for special occasions? Are you prepared to drive a car without all the modern conveniences?

Will you be proud to show it off to people, and to soak up their praise for older vehicles and their amazing remarks?

You will see that some of the answers to these questions are for a buying a vintage car, and some answers are against the idea. It is something only you can decide but go into the purchase with your eyes open if you do not want to be sorely disappointed.

If you decide that you do want to buy a vintage car, find a dealer that sells them. When it comes to car dealers, it does not matter how old the car is, they still have the legal duty to make sure it is roadworthy when they sell it. Take a mechanic along with you to check it out, preferably one that knows something of the vintage car problems that need to be watched out for.  Listen to their advice and do not buy one just because you have fallen in love with the way it looks.

Then just get in and drive, and thoroughly enjoy the experience of traveling in your vintage car.


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