What to expect from the Japanese Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel dearly needs a win to get back in the championship hunt, but, with the current form of Lewis Hamilton, that could be difficult. There is also rain forecast this weekend, so the Red Bull’s must fancy their chances, and the intriguing midfield battle will be resumed too – who will be best of the rest?

Suzuka’s old-school nature means that accidents are a likelihood. Danil Kyvat showed how easy it was to get it wrong back in 2015. Expect more of the same this weekend.

Expect rain worse than England!
The track in Japan is difficult at the best of times. Throw in a bit of rain and everything gets that little bit trickier – as Christijan Albers demonstrates in his Minardi in 2005. Rain is forecast for both Saturday and Sunday this weekend…

Toro Rosso are the dark horses
After an awful performance at Sochi, no one would normally expect anything from Toro Rosso, however it’s rumoured that Honda have brought through some major upgrades to their engines. They don’t seem keen on disappointing their home crowd!

Kimi’s chance?
After being dumped by Ferrari, we’re expecting Kimi to do everything in his power to destroy their chances of a title with Vettel. We know he has form on this track, remember that superb move on Fisichella? Don’t be surprised if you see him climbing the leader board this weekend!

Colliding Contenders?
With such a hotly contested battle for the drivers’ championship, don’t surprised if you see Vettel and Hamilton battle it out with more than just speed! They’re 1-1 in terms of track battles this year, lets just hope it makes for interesting racing!


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