Tesla Model 3 Makes World Debut

Elon Musk officially unveiled the new Model 3 sedan yesterday in California to a massive crowd of future buyers, current Tesla owners, fans and media.

The exterior is beautiful and essentially a smaller Model S. The inside continues the futuristic theme with a massive wide-format display for every bit of information in the middle of the dashboard.

Musk confirmed 115,000 of the $1,000 reservations as of midnight (eastern time), which is incredible. The bigger question is if and when Tesla will fulfill those orders.

The Model 3 will be eligible for a $7,500 tax incentive, but only up until the 200,000th Tesla sold. With several Model S and soon, Model X vehicles being sold, thousands of Model 3 owners will likely not be eligible–unless the federal rule is changed.

The Facts :

  • Pricing starts at $35,000 (before tax incentive)
  • Range of 215 miles
  • 0-60 MPH in under 6 seconds
  • Five passenger seating
  • Standard panoramic glass roof
  • Autopilot safety tech
  • Top crash-test ratings
  • Tesla Supercharger access across the US and through parts of Canada, free of charge

We hope Tesla maintains their production timeline and somehow manages to squeeze out more Model 3 vehicles than they ever imagined.

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