Giti Tires Fuels the Adrenaline at Idemitsu Super Endurance Trophy 2023

BURIRAM, Thailand: At Chang International Circuit, the Idemitsu Super Endurance Trophy 2023, a race combining speed and survival skills, was sure to delight fans of motorsport. In a breathtaking demonstration of endurance, drivers and machines were pushed to the limit over the course of ten exhausting hours. Giti Tire was at the forefront, serving as both the creator of the rubber meeting the road and the supply of tires for important classes.

The Grit of Endurance Racing

The 600-minute Idemitsu Super Endurance challenge saw teams grapple with the demanding nature of endurance racing. Each tire was not just a part of the car but a crucial piece in a complex puzzle of performance, reliability, and strategy. The world’s finest endurance racers tackled the circuit’s demanding bends and straights, where passenger car tire performance could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Giti Tire’s Integral Role

Giti Tire’s involvement in the Idemitsu Super Endurance Trophy illustrates their commitment to the sport and their continuous pursuit of tire technology advancement. Shiroo Chia, Giti Tire’s Head of International Marketing, spoke about motorsport being at the core of Giti’s interests, providing critical data that feeds into the enhancement of their commercial products.

Ge Feng Lei, the General Manager of R&D at Giti Tire, also highlighted the significance of driver feedback and real-world testing in their tire development, which has led to the creation of the GitiCompete GTR1 and GTR2 Pro tires.

Tire Innovation and Driver Collaboration

Giti engineers and the best drivers in Thailand, such as Weerachat Piyawarangkul and Aniwat Lommahadthai, collaborated months in advance to prepare for an event this size. Their combined testing efforts proved to be quite helpful in optimizing the tires for the big event.

Sustainability in the Fast Lane

Noteworthy was the participation of Akio Toyoda, who raced under the alias Morizo, showcasing Toyota’s initiative towards “carbon-neutral racing”. Toyota entered three cars in the Rookie Racing category, with two running on carbon-neutral fuels and another on a hydrogen engine, signaling a shift towards sustainable practices in racing.​

The Crucial Role of Tire Technology

In racing, tire technology plays a pivotal role as the only mediator between the car and the track, deciding race results. The Giti Tire’s GitiCompete GTR1 and GTR2 Pro products, which give reliable performance and let drivers keep control and speed, are prime examples of the required innovation.

Motorsport as a Testing Bed for Giti Tire

For Giti Tire, the racetrack is a laboratory where the extremities of racing provide valuable insights that drive the evolution of tire technology. This not only benefits their motorsport tires but also influences the development of their consumer-grade tires.

Giti Tire’s Global Footprint

Founded in 1993, Giti Tire, headquartered in Singapore, has grown into a global entity with a presence in over 130 countries and a workforce of 30,000 strong. Their commitment to innovation is evident through their global R&D network spanning several continents.

Honoring the Spirit of Motorsports

Hosted by Three Crowns Racing Project, the Idemitsu Super Endurance Southeast Asia Trophy is an homage to the culture of motorsports, not just a competition. From December 22 to December 24, 2023, a variety of courses were offered at the event, which culminated in a 600-minute endurance race that put teams’ resolve to the test.

As the Idemitsu Super Endurance Southeast Asia Trophy 2023 neared, all eyes were on Giti Tire and the teams they backed. This collaboration is the embodiment of the motorsport spirit – a relentless chase for excellence, where each lap and each tire is a statement of dedication.

For more details, the official website of the Idemitsu Super Endurance Southeast Asia Trophy at awaits.



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