5 Ways To Make Your Drive To Work Better

Driving to work is a task that many of us have to do every day. Yet it can often be the most stressful part of our day, particularly if the traffic is bad. The good news is there are plenty of ways to make your drive to (and from) work better, no matter what the traffic is doing. Just read on to find out what they are. 

Keep your vehicle properly maintained 

You can most definitely make your commute to and from work better, but reduce the risk of breaking down during your journey. The very best way to do this is to make sure your car is properly maintained. 

Now, you may like to do this yourself, but if your schedule is too busy, or you’d prefer to leave this specialized task to the professionals then working with experts like Mr. Transmission is your best option. Indeed, by choosing the experts for regular car maintenance you can ensure not only that your likelihood of breaking down is reduced during your commute, but that your car will run efficiently, and so you will save on fuel as well. 

Keep yourself entertained 

If you are spending hours in your vehicle each way on the way to and from work, you don’t have to sit there in silence. Instead, there are many options to choose from that can keep you well entertained during your journey. The first of these is listening to music which many people do through their car radio, or via playlists on platforms like Spotify. You can even make specific playlists for your commute to work, or ones that encourage a particular mood such as a calming playlist for when traffic is bad. 

Another option is to listen to audiobooks on your commute. Many people enjoy this very much as it makes them feel as if they are using their commuting time for a constructive purpose rather than wasting it. 

You may also like to take the time to improve yourself in some way by listening to a podcast on a subject you are interested in, or even by learning a language via audio course. However, whichever option you choose you must remember that it cannot prevent you from driving or keeping your attention on the road, otherwise it could pose a serious risk to you and other road users. For example, car-based DVD players and game systems may be OK for passengers to use, but never for those who are driving. 

Choose the best route 

Making sure you take some time to choose the best route to travel to work each day can vastly improve your commute. This is because a well-chosen route can help you avoid traffic and all the stress that comes with unnecessary delays. 

A well-chosen route will also help you cut down on your travel time, which means more time at home to spend with your loved ones or relaxing. Lastly, a well-chosen route will help reduce your fuel consumption. This is great news as using less fuel means lower fuel costs, which in turn means you get to keep more of the money you make at your job. 

To that end, checking what your GPS has to say about your regular route before you leave home is a good idea. Keep your eyes open for any changes arising from accidents or road works too, and where possible allow your SatNav to reroute you to avoid these. 

Drive outside of peak times 

Not everybody is in a position to choose when they need to be at work, or leave work. However, if you can then you can make your commute a lot better by avoiding the morning and leaving the rush and traveling at non-peak times. In this way, you can avoid the traffic, make your journey shorter, and cut down on fuel costs all at the same time. 

Plan for all eventualities 

While your drive to work may be the most uneventful part of the day, it never hurts to be prepared for all eventualities. To that end, make sure you have an emergency kit in your car at all times. Such a kit should include things like first aid supplies, water, shelf-stable food like protein or granola bars as well as the tools you may need to get your vehicle back on the road such as a shovel, rope and toolbox. 

Many people also like to include a solar or wind-up charger in their emergency kit so they can continue to make calls even if the battery on their phone dies.



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