Essential Security Features for Your Next Car

Your new car wish list will naturally contain things like your preferred make and model, price, color, and perhaps a wide range of preferred options. Along with those common considerations, you no doubt have the expectation that your next auto will be safe and secure. While you may have your own ideas about what “security” means, there are some basic must-have vehicle security features that you can’t afford to overlook.

Features to Secure Your Car

Once you have chosen a new Nissan for sale as your next car and laid out cold hard cash for it, you certainly don’t want it to disappear from your driveway, garage, or office parking lot. That’s why the most essential security features for your car are those that secure the vehicle itself.

A vehicle immobilizer is one of the most essential types of car theft prevention equipment available. Your grandparents’ generation drove around in cars that could sometimes be stolen with little more than a common screwdriver, and they probably dreamed of the day when a car could only be started by someone who had the proper key. Engine immobilizer technology has made that dream a reality for your modern car. Your key emits a radio signal that communicates with the vehicle and prevents the engine from starting for any key but yours.

Ideally, you want your car’s security features to prevent auto theft from the outset, but you should also look for the ability to recover your vehicle if it is stolen. Thankfully, many modern cars include the option of GPS tracking in the case of theft. Most of these are incorporated into the vehicle’s driver assistance programs, such as GM’s OnStar. If the car you’re going to buy doesn’t offer such a system, you can purchase one from a third-party seller such as Lojack or CarLock.

Features to Secure Your Property

What about securing all the items you have in your car? Your first line of defense is obviously not leaving valuables in your car, but sometimes doing so is unavoidable. From luggage to your work laptop or just the weekly shopping, your car should have features that keep thieving hands off your possessions.

car alarm may be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of automotive security features. Virtually every vehicle sold today has an alarm system built-in, and after-market alarm installation has been available for decades. Although many people question the effectiveness of these systems due to the prevalence of false alarms, it is undeniable that thieves do not like things that draw attention. Even when people assume an alarm is false, they often still turn and look to see where it’s coming from.

Never Compromise on Car Security

Like most Americans, you probably rely heavily on your automobile, and it’s a major expenditure. Critical security features can give you peace of mind as well as good value for your money. By insisting on high-quality equipment and services to keep your vehicle secure, you can safeguard the investment you’ve made in your new car.



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