Leading Causes Of Road Accidents

Many leading causes of minor and fatal accidents are entirely under the driver’s control. Perhaps the scariest thing is that drivers do not learn from their mistakes, with many repeat offenders. 

Utah DUI rules are incredibly stringent, which means that if you have been caught with a DUI on many occasions, you could become an alcohol-restricted driver. DUI Las Vegas Lawyer can assist when you need a DUI defense attorney.


Distractions can divert the driver’s attention from safely driving the vehicle; if the attention and concentration of a driver are impacted, the likelihood of an accident increases. 

The driver needs to avoid distraction as much as the passenger needs to avoid distracting them. Texting, talking on your telephone, and eating all divert your focus away from the road and should be avoided.

Drinking And Driving

Alcohol interferes with concentration and motor skills and essentially impairs decision-making abilities. According to recent roadside polls, an estimated 3% of drivers are legally impaired at any given time in the United States.

A designated driver should always keep their distance from any substances. And when you’re driving under the influence of alcohol or any drug, it can also result in a DWI charge. In such cases, first you should contact criminal defense attorneys who can build a strong defense on your behalf.


In the event of an accident, your chances of survival are halved for every ten mph increase in speed. When speeding, a motor vehicle becomes more difficult to steer. Not only is vehicular handling affected, but your insurance prices might increase by 25% if you are ticketed for speeding.

Make use of the 3-second rule when driving; any car in front of you should be at least 3 seconds away: this will ensure you have enough time to break when the circumstances call for it. 

Reckless Driving

Irresponsible driving is defined as driving a vehicle with an intentional or wanton disregard for the safety of other people or property. In United States law, reckless driving is a major traffic violation. 

Simple adjustments could save your life in the face of reckless drivers. Keep a safe distance from any cars that appear to be driving erratically. Safety belts should always be worn correctly by you and your passengers.

Disobeying Road Laws And Signs

Non-compliance with road rules accounted for almost 65% of all road accidents. Common laws that are disobeyed include texting while driving, tailgating, and speeding. 

Road rules have been put into place for the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. These laws significantly reduce the risk of car accidents while maintaining order on the roads. 

When driving, it is best to establish the proper attitude and behaviors. Maintain your cool in all situations and follow the rules and regulations of the road. Remember that these rules are put into place for your protection. 

Stay vigilant for anyone that could be disregarding any road regulations. Always be courteous towards other drivers. Most road accidents can be prevented if we all learn from our mistakes.



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