Top Four Vehicle Upgrades to Supercharge Your Driving Experience

If you love the freedom of the open road, or just live far enough away from essentials or your work, then you likely spend a lot of time in your car. Wanting a vehicle that drives smoothly and feels great to be in is not a big ask, and the good news is that there are so many ways that you can upgrade your current vehicle to give you just that. Supercharging your driving experience can be done with a seat cover, but those that want to change the way it feels to drive will want to look into these top four vehicle upgrades today:

1. Performance Tires

City drivers can enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride by upgrading their vehicles with performance tires. Upgrading your tires with these performance alternatives can give your vehicle far better grip and handling, making your vehicle more responsive and more thrilling to drive. Never underestimate how smooth a ride can be when you glide along the roads! These tires, of course, don’t handle as well in winter or on countryside roads, so make sure you swap them out when the time comes. 

2. Turbocharger

If you want to supercharge your vehicle, why not add a turbocharger? You can find turbochargers from the Fleece diesel range to ramp up your driving experience. This upgrade essentially uses exhaust gas from your engine to first spin a turbine and your compressor. The compressor forces more air into your engine, which keeps it cool and means it can work harder and generate more power for you. 

Adding such an upgrade increases your horsepower, but more importantly it can improve your fuel economy by up to 10%. This upgrade also makes accelerating smoother, improvingyour overall driving experience. 

3. Suspension Upgrade

Another way to make your drive smoother is to upgrade the suspension. Upgrading the suspension puts more buffer between the road and you. Rather than feel the grooves of the road shake your vehicle, you can sit in peace and comfort. As a plus, this upgrade can also boost your car’s handling. 

4. Exhaust System

If you want your vehicle to sound powerful, upgrade the exhaust system. Upgrading the exhaust system can help relieve your vehicle of backpressure, but more importantly,for those that want the feel of taking charge of a powerful engine, it also improves the sound of your car. Since you can control how much comes out at once, you can control the sound itself. Just keep in mind that some cities have exhaust noise laws, so make sure it’s not too loud, or you will get a ticket. 

5. Final Thoughts

Upgrading your vehicle is a fun hobby for many. Still, the cost can quickly add up if you buy upgrades one after the other, so consider which ones are most important to you and have them bought and installed first, and pace yourself so you don’t go too over budget or find yourself falling into debt over your prized vehicle’s upgrades.



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