Will Exhaust Cutouts Increase Horsepower? Pros and Cons of Exhaust Cutouts

Many riders crave an adrenaline-pumping boost to increase their driving speed. Also, they look for ways to rev up their car with more torque and horsepower output.

Regarding this, little modifications such as exhaust cutouts are preferable. Indeed, these nifty devices have been making waves in the automotive world, promising increased horsepower and a more aggressive growl from your exhaust system.

But will exhaust cutouts increase horsepower of your vehicle? Also, should you mount the exhaust cutouts for better speed and performance? 

Yes, exhaust cutouts may increase the power output of your engine, but it’s not guaranteed. So, go through an exhaust cutout dyno testing to know if it suits your car. Only then can you know if or not the cutout will improve your vehicle’s performance. 

How Do Exhaust Cutouts Work?

At their core, exhaust cut out is like a secret weapon inside the vehicle’s exhaust system. These clever contraptions are typically installed downstream of the headers or catalytic converters. When you activate the cutouts, they create an alternate path for the exhaust gasses. Hence, the gasses will bypass parts of the system.

When you press that button or pull that lever, a valve opens up within the piping. It will divert some exhaust gasses from the usual route through mufflers and resonators. As a result, the gas can exit directly through an open pipe.

With this exit way, the exhaust cutouts unleash power and sound. The unobstructed flow reduces back pressure – a notorious performance killer. It improves engine efficiency and increases the horsepower of your car’s engine. 

But it’s not just about increased horsepower. Moreover, these cutouts offer customization options for your ride’s soundtrack. With the flick of a switch, you can go from stealthy purrs to roaring thunder with aggressive pops and crackles that will turn heads wherever you go.

Will Exhaust Cutouts Increase Horsepower?

Exhaust cutouts have become a popular modification among car enthusiasts, with claims that they can significantly increase horsepower. But does installing exhaust cutouts really deliver the promised power gains? Let’s take a closer look.

The answer is yes; exhaust cutouts will increase horsepower in your vehicle engine. The valves work as the catalytic converter. When open, they allow the exhaust gasses to bypass mufflers and resonators. So, your car engine will have increased airflow and engine performance.

Some people swear by the power gains achieved with exhaust cutouts. Also, experts suggest that the exhaust cutouts may boost engine horsepower as they help the engine to unleash its full capacity. The actual impact on horsepower depends on various factors. These are:

● Your vehicle’s make and model

● The vehicle’s engine configuration

● Other modifications you may have made

Moreover, installing an exhaust cutout isn’t enough to reach the required horsepower. Instead, you must consider your car’s performance. Also, you must fully optimize the exhaust and tune it to your engine accordingly. Lastly, you should make additional modifications to support increased airflow and engine capacity. 

Pros and Cons of Exhaust Cutouts

Exhaust cutout devices allow you to bypass a portion or all of the muffler system. Hence, it gives you control over the sound and performance of the vehicle. 

One major advantage of the exhaust cutouts is the increase in horsepower. As it removes restrictions in the exhaust flow, more air can pass through the system for improved engine performance. So, you should experience faster acceleration and higher top speeds.

Another benefit of exhaust cutout tip modification is the ability to customize your vehicle’s sound. With an open cutout, you can unleash a deep and aggressive rumble. It will turn the heads of people wherever you go. It allows you to enjoy a louder exhaust note when desired. Last but not least, you can even have a quieter ride when necessary by closing off the cutout.

As you see, the exhaust modification lets you enjoy better engine performance and sound. So, why not do the mod? Before the modification, you should be aware of the disadvantages, too. 

Conversely, one significant concern of the exhaust cutout is legality issues. Your local traffic may not allow you to tamper with your car’s emissions system. Also, you may stay within noise regulations in your locality. So, you must check the legal traffic rules for exhaust modification before you install it in your car. To control the noise of the vehicle, you can install a resonator exhaust tip. It will give you enough benefit in modification of your vehicle. 

Additionally, it can lead to decreased fuel efficiency. The added strain on engine components will need increased maintenance costs.


Exhaust cutouts can be a great addition to your vehicle to increase horsepower. You will also enjoy a deep rumbling sound that boosts your fun of riding the vehicle. On top of it, exhaust cutouts will improve exhaust efficiency and allow it to last longer. 

However, you must combine the exhaust cutout with related modifications to enjoy its best performance. So, go ahead – rev up those engines responsibly!



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