Best Experience for a car lover to have in London.

Buckle up, fellow rev-heads and gearshift groupies, because London is not just about the Queen’s Guard and that big ol’ clock tower. No, no, no! The UK’s buzzing capital is quite literally brimming with roaring engines, slick tyres, and enough horsepower to make your head spin. We’re here to fuel your passion with an inside scoop on the ultimate experiences for every car enthusiast in the heart of London.

Unleashing The Beast: Corvette C8 Experience in London

The adrenaline. The power. The unmistakable roar. Stepping into a Corvette C8 Experience isn’t just about driving a car; it’s about wearing a badge of audacity. Imagine 3 mile blasts round a track, with each curve echoing the prowess of this machine.

London extends a thrilling invitation, and the best part? No driving license required*. That’s right – from Monday to Friday, anyone with a minimum age of 10 can grip the steering wheel of this American marvel. Every turn, every acceleration will immerse you in a world where speed and precision are everything, making the hustle and bustle of London fade into an exhilarating blur.

So, for those days when sipping tea feels a tad too mundane, London beckons with an opportunity to burn some serious rubber. Are you game? 

Ferrari Supercar Driving Experience in London’s Heartbeat

Well, darling, there’s nothing quite like the purr of a Ferrari under your fingertips. And London offers you more than just a fleeting glimpse of these beauties. Dive headfirst into a 1 Car Ferrari supercar driving experience, topped with an additional high-speed passenger lap for that extra dose of thrill. You’ve possibly seen them – sleek, seductive, and swift – flashing past Buckingham Palace. But trust us, sitting shotgun and then being in the driver’s seat? It’s an entirely different ball game.

This high-speed supercar experience day guarantees pure, unfiltered exhilaration. Dive into a 3-mile track day adventure, where every inch of the tarmac promises a tale of speed and precision. And here’s the cherry atop this Italian sundae – you get to choose your Ferrari. Whether it’s the contemporary models or the iconic Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (recreation), the choice is yours.

Elegance meets adrenaline as you navigate the curvaceous landscapes that only London can offer. So, ready to swap that umbrella for a steering wheel?

Mercedes GT Supercar Driving Experience: Luxury Meets the London Lanes

If luxury had a sound, it would undeniably be the humming engine of the Mercedes GT. Those city streets aren’t just for the red buses and black cabs; they’re awaiting the sleek silhouette of German precision. Dive into a 3-mile track day where each metre sings of sophistication and speed.

Now, what if we told you that you don’t need to flash a driving license to relish this experience? Yes, that’s right. No driving license required*. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or a budding car enthusiast with a minimum age of 10, London’s tarmac is ready for you from Monday to Friday.

With an experience that combines the suave elegance of James Bond with just that extra bit of horsepower, you’re in for more than a ritzy ride – it’s an unforgettable journey. Ready to swap the London tube for some turbocharged thrill?

Under 17 Motorsport Driving Academy Experience: Young Thrills on Four Wheels

Who says age is a barrier to chasing those motorsport dreams? If you thought the world of racing was reserved only for those flashing a full license, think again. Perfect for the budding racers, the Under 17 Motorsport Driving Academy opens doors to a world where age is just a number.

Here’s the thrilling bit: you won’t just be gawking at the cars – you’ll be taking the driver’s seat. Whether it’s the sporty flair of a Mazda MX5, the luxe allure of a Porsche Boxster, or the iconic punch of a Mazda RX8, the choice is yours. With a 30-minute duration, every second is precious, packed with adrenaline and new experiences.

But fret not, you’re not alone on this journey. Every twist and turn, every push on the pedal will be under the expert guidance of approved instructors. These aren’t just any instructors, but the best in the business, here to ensure you practice essential car control, master the manoeuvres, and build the confidence to shine on any track.

In this academy, it’s all about fast-tracking (yes, pun very much intended) your way into the exhilarating world of racing. So, gear up, young speedster – the track awaits your debut! For more information do visit WonderDays.

Under 17 Junior Driving Experience – Porsche, Mazda, and More: Revving up Young Dreams

Think you’ve got a young Lewis Hamilton bubbling with enthusiasm at home? Maybe a little racing prodigy itching to feel the roar of an engine? Before they’re swotting away for those GCSE results, how about gifting them an experience that’ll have them be the talk of the playground?

Suitable for those aged 11-16, this isn’t just another driving experience; it’s a rite of passage. Offering both 1 or 2-hour options, it tailors perfectly to the budding racer’s appetite for adrenaline.

Now, let’s talk wheels. How about putting them in the ultra-sleek Porsche Boxster? Or if they’re after something a bit different, the iconic hum of the Mazda RX8 awaits. Whichever they choose, they’re in for a treat that’s far cooler than the latest video game or smartphone.

But it’s not all just about the thrill. Safety and learning come hand in hand with fun here. Every push of the pedal, every turn of the wheel, comes with the guidance of expert approved instructors. They’re there to ensure these young racers not only feel the thrill but also understand the responsibility and finesse that comes with driving.

So, ready to put that young speedster on the track to greatness? Remember, every champion starts somewhere, and this might just be the perfect beginning!



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