Ways to Get Your Dog In and Out the Car Safely

It can be convenient, and not to mention fun to take your dog which is considered to be a part of your family with you when you hit the road. Without careful preparation, however, it is unfortunate that you may put him in danger as a result. There are many things that can ensure your puppy’s safety during the journey as well as the process of getting him into the vehicle with caution. 

All dogs enjoy feeling the breeze on their snouts while driving, although that may be considered quite dangerous since they could jump out in the middle of the ride or could even hit their head on a passing object. Here are some ways you can ensure a safe ride for your best for a legged friend and get him in and out of the car safely. 

Where to Start? 

Until everything is already packed and ready to go, your pooch should not get in the car. Meaning, it is very important to plan ahead and ensure that your dog has enough room. This would be true no matter if you are traveling to the restaurant or on a longer trip. As a security measure, you can put your dog inside a crate, which will ensure that getting in and out is safe. Although, they might not feel as comfortable inside. And if you do not enjoy placing your dog in a small cramped environment just as much as he does not,  you could ensure his safe entrance by at least adding a dog ramp to your car. The main features of secure dog ramps include an anti-slip, height adjustable, and safety guide rails. Also, it would be wise not to leave any objects around them that can pose a safety risk. 

For instance, anything they could choke on or something that is sharp. You also want to avoid a dog bite injury if they get scared or upset in the car.

Make a Plan

Every dog parent does not plan to get in an accident when their dog is in the car. Although it may be true, this does not mean it will not happen. In order to protect your beloved furry friend as well as yourself, it would be wise to consider some restrained options. Here are some examples of which:

  • Zipline harnesses
  • Harness seat belts
  • Carry boxes that have harness attachments implemented

All of these options can either be used as harnesses themselves or as an attachment to your dog’s existing harness, in order to keep them safe in case of an impact. Some other things you can consider are:

  • Back seat barriers
  • Back seat hammocks
  • Dog guards
  • Regular Crates

Balance Things Out

It would be ideal if you would balance your dogs and your preferences when it comes to the safe transport of your canine friend in and out of the car, as well as during the trip. Even if you just want to just arrive at your location straight away, for instance, it would be wise to arrange stops in which your puppy can release himself by going potty and gaining some energy. 

Of course, it goes without saying that if needed, you should help your pooch get outside of the vehicle if necessary by taking him or her out through the carry box or just by placing the ramp down. Your dog should explore the area for at least 20 minutes. You might be set back a little, although, your furry friend will be satisfied and grateful. 

Making the Environment Comfortable

Your dog is as comfortable and would also depend on the temperature of your vehicle so it would be wise to pay attention to it. The AC should be turned on on hot summer days while it should be kept warm in the winter. 

Opening the window is a valid option, however, it is advised not to open them all the way. It would be wise to avoid ever leaving your dog alone in the car as well unless in an emergency. Then, crack open the window just enough so your pup would have some fresh air. 

So, the key to your dog getting in and out of your car safely, as well as secure transport is to plan ahead. Winging things is not an option when it comes to making a move when it comes to your canine friend. 

It is of utmost importance for any dog owner to accommodate their best friend’s needs as much as possible during the trip. More unexpected events can come your way, and by covering all the basics in advance, the easier the time on the road will be, as well as stress-free.

As a result, you and your pooch will have the best time which only a human and his dog can.



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