How to Accessorise Your Mazda 3 the Right Way with Coilover

If you look closely, both the appearance and the handling of the 2019 Mazda 3 and later models benefit from the addition of the Coilover Package. 

Are you interested in turning your Mazda 3 of the fourth generation into the hot hatch that Mazda might have produced? Consider the CorkSport Performance Coilover Kit for all Mazda 3 and Mazda 3 Turbo cars.

Your GEN4 will have much-improved handling and an improved look if you change the spring rates to be stiffer, alter the damping, adjust the front camber, and lower the ride height. Mazda 3 Perth specialists have discarded the earlier design and begun development again on a new coilover kit that has no resemblance to the ones that came before it. 

The Coilover Kit in Mazda 3 

The 5K front spring and 7K rear spring (280 lb/in. and 392 lb/in. respectively) that come standard with the CorkSport coilover package achieve an excellent balance between ride comfort and quick handling. Specialists put the springs through their paces to ensure that not only are they suitable for the typical commute, but that they also give adequate stiffness for the fundamental handling required for autocross and track events.

Moreover, the front springs have a more gradual rise in pace compared to the ones in the back. As a direct consequence of this, understeer is reduced, and neutral handling characteristics are realised. Thus, the car’s rear suspension is able to keep its naturally increased frequency under normal driving conditions. When OEM criteria are met, both positive feedback and a comfortable driving experience are ensured for the driver. While Swift Springs is not required, it is something to think about. 

The 5K and 7K springs are supplemented by a pair of adjustable dampers with a total of 30 ways of movement. Mazda 3 Perth specialists made sure to match the spring rates with the damping rates and then left themselves plenty of wiggle area so that they could handle a variety of drivers and driving styles.

A vehicle with maximum soft damping is transformed into a sports car, yet it is still a pleasurable vehicle to drive on a daily basis. When the damping of a vehicle is adjusted all the way to its stiffest setting, the vehicle has a sensation that is noticeably more responsive and offers an exceptional level of feedback to the driver. The majority of people end up somewhere in the middle. Thus, specialists recommend starting ten clicks away from complete softness as a starting point.

The Importance of Coilover on a Vehicle

A coilover suspension is a way to go if you want to reduce the height of your car and/or offer it more responsive steering and handling. The majority of coilover suspensions enable the user to make further adjustments beyond just lowering the vehicle. It’s possible that the driver has control over the damping as well as the level of difficulty.

In comparison to strut and spring configurations, the primary advantages of using coilovers include a ride height that can be adjusted, damping and rebound that can be adjusted, the ability to switch springs in order to fine-tune spring rates, and a lighter assembly that decreases the amount of unsprung weight. Even high-end models will have full serviceability and the ability to fix.

Why Install a Coilover on Your Mazda 3

The major purpose of the CS coilover package is to improve the vehicle’s handling, but in addition to that, it offers a significant improvement to the vehicle’s appearance. The CS coilover system is roughly 2.25 inches shorter than the stock when it is adjusted to its lowest position. The front can be adjusted by around 2.75″, while the rear may be adjusted by about 1.5″. This indicates that the maximum adjustment possible for the front is 0.5 inches higher than the original, while the maximum adjustment possible for the rear is 0.7 inches lower.

So, if you desire an OEM+ look with a less significant drop, we can accommodate your needs. Lowering the vehicle’s ride height not only enhances the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal but also results in a lower centre of gravity, which in turn reduces body roll and increases the driver’s sense of confidence.

When it comes to installing the CorkSport coilovers on your Mazda 3, you won’t need to do any drilling or use any other specialised tools. In just a few short hours, you may have them up and running if you have the included hardware and follow the installation instructions that are supplied in full colour on CS.

Since it is either made of materials that are resistant to corrosion or coated to prevent rust, you can rest assured that the installation will continue to function well over time. Powder coating all of the steel components and anodising the aluminium ensures that the performance will continue for a very long time. Finally, the addition of the CorkSport Coilover Kit to your 4th Generation Mazda 3 will bring about a dramatic change in both its exterior appeal and its driving characteristics. 



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