How To Improve Fleet Driver Safety For Your Business

Commercial fleets are an important aspect of your business, making timely pickups and deliveries possible. However, your company’s vehicles are only as effective as its drivers. Research has shown that a car accident can cause an employer approximately $16,500! Not only does this affect your company’s finances, but it also halts efficiency, productivity, and, eventually, your profitability. Fortunately, you can avoid these issues by implementing the right measures to improve your fleet driver safety. Here are a few you can consider. 

  1. Conduct sufficient background checks on your employees

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Before you hire drivers for your fleet, it is important to check if they are suitable candidates for the role. This goes beyond simply checking their resume and recommendations. You must conduct in-depth evaluations before deciding. Conduct background checks on your short-listed candidates to learn more about their previous employment in the same role, determine if they have had issues with the law, and identify issues of drug and alcohol abuse and other anomalies. You should also consider conducting a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) on drivers you employ. This is a record of a driver’s history in your area. This makes it easy to determine if a candidate is fit for purpose and prevents your company from hiring incorrectly. If you deem it necessary, you also have the option of using a local private investigator to learn more about a prospective driver and protect the integrity of your company. 

  1. Develop safety policies 

Most drivers don’t pay attention to safety when using a company car. This may simply be because they do not incur the costs associated with damage from being risky! You can improve driver safety in your business by developing practical policies. These policies should include various provisions that inform drivers of what is and isn’t tolerated within the business. The policy should also include the measures to be taken for noncompliance. This would ensure that your drivers act more responsibly on the road and are more cautious. 

  1. Provide sufficient assistance 

Although you may have good drivers, you cannot say the same for other road users. Therefore, ensuring that you have created other ways to assist your drivers in exercising safety is vital. For example, ensuring your company’s vehicles are protected with updates and adequate insurance coverage is vital. You should also consider ensuring you have legal services you can rely on. Legal issues such as breaking traffic laws may arise while your driver is on the road. Additionally, there is a high risk of your driver being an accident victim. In that case, you need a car accident lawyer to ensure justice is served accordingly. You should also consider implementing various technological solutions, such as GPS trackers and SOS buttons, for drivers to reach out if they are in a dangerous or unsafe situation.  

  1. Reward good drivers

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The best way to implement and encourage acceptable behavior in a company is to offer rewards. Therefore, if you want to ensure your drivers show exemplary behavior and safety on the road, consider rewarding your good drivers. You can choose to do this on a weekly or monthly basis. Rewards may include paid days off, vouchers, and other monetary incentives, or plastering them around the workplace as “Driver of the Month.”



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