What to Expect When You Sell Your Old RV

You might have many reasons for wanting to sell your old RV. Perhaps you no longer love life on the road, your needs have changed, or you want an upgrade. Regardless of your reasons, you need to know what to expect when selling your old RV. 

How to Sell Your Old RV

You have three major options when selling your old RV, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. You can sell it to a private seller, sell it to a dealer, or sell it through consignment. All these options depend on the condition of the RV and its age. 

Private Sale

A private sale is the first thing many think of when they know their RV has seen better days, but there can be some caveats to that approach. The first is that an interested person will probably want to make a lower offer based on any repairs that might need to be made. Also, you have to be careful to make sure you actually receive your payment from the buyer. 

Another consideration when thinking about selling your RV to a private seller is where to advertise. Here are a few tips for advertising your RV.

● Display your trailer in your front yard

● Take out a classified ad on a website

● Put a “For Sale” sign out when at a campsite

● Advertise on Social Media

● Advertise on RV websites, like “RV Finder” and others

A private sale depends on how much your buyer is willing to pay for your RV. It can take considerable time to find a qualified buyer. On the positive side, it costs you little to use this option. 

Trade-In at a Dealer

For those who want to upgrade and do not want to wait to find a buyer, selling your RV to a dealership is another good option. It’s essential to do your research first to ensure that you’re selling to a reputable dealership, such as RV Wheelator. You can use the money to purchase your next rig, or you can sell it to them for cash. This is a quick and easy option, but many dealers will not take an RV that is over a few years old. Using it as a trade-in avoids the hassle of finding a private buyer.

When selling to a dealer, you also need to know what your RV is worth. Its age and condition are key factors that determine the price you will get. Getting the best trade-in offer means doing your research on what a fair price might be and making sure your RV is in the best shape possible. This means making any minor repairs that could cause it to be devalued and making sure it is clean inside and out. 

Consignment Sale

If you decide that a private sale or selling your old RV to a dealership is not the best option, you can always try to sell it on consignment. The advantage to this option is that consignment websites and dealerships attract buyers who are actively looking for an RV. You also might not have constraints as far as condition and age are concerned. If you use this option, you will have to split a portion of your proceeds with the consignment dealer. 

General Tips for Selling an RV

Regardless of the method you choose for selling your RV, several tips can help you get a better price. Here are a few of our best tips for selling an RV.

● Make sure it is clean inside and out

● Repair anything that needs fixed

● Know the value of your RV before you sell

● Consider the time and commitment involved with each selling option

Aside from these considerations, to get the best price, you should also be honest. Do not hide the flaws of your RV and what needs to be fixed. Even if hiding the downsides of your vehicle might seem like the right move at first, it can have long-term consequences, including legal actions by the seller. 

The best way to maximize cash for RV sales is to do your research and set realistic expectations for the buyer. If they know they will have to make a repair upfront, then, they can prepare for it and might be willing to pay the price you are asking. You should always strive to present your rig in the best light, but be prepared to discuss its limitations, too. 

Bottom Line

If you have determined that your rig is too old or in too bad of shape for a private buyer or dealership, then you might not know what to do. Your next best option might be to sell it to a dealer that specializes in junk RVs. These dealers will often give you cash the same day and make the process of selling your old RV easy.



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