Explanation of the legal alcohol limit for commercial truck drivers and the consequences of violating it

It’s important for drivers, trucking businesses, and self-owner-operators to recognise the hazards and responsibilities associated with drinking and operating a commercial truck, as there are about 450 commercial truck accidents attributed to alcohol intoxication each year. What laws apply, what are the repercussions, and what the truck driver alcohol limit? Everything from legal alcohol limit for commercial truck drivers and the consequences of violating it are discussed below, so continue reading it.

A Truck Drivers’ Alcohol Limit Is Cut In Half

For good reason, truck drivers are scrutinised considerably more closely than other types of drivers. They are operating a vehicle that is more hazardous, heavier, and larger than cars. They are accountable for the cargo and corporate property in addition to their own and others’ safety. As a result, the maximum blood alcohol level for drivers of commercial vehicles is .04 percent, compared to an .08 percent limit for normal drivers.

What Happens If a Driver Is Caught violating alcohol limit?

It never ends well and can have negative effects that are very serious. It can harm the driver’s driving record and career even if they are merely operating their own vehicle. Even if they are found guilty while operating their own vehicle, a driver is expected to notify their employer right away if they are found guilty of a DUI or DWI. The trucking company won’t be able to let the driver operate while their licence is suspended if this arrest results in a conviction. In reality, many truckers find themselves out of a job after being convicted of drunk driving. Even if once it is violated, it might be exceedingly difficult for them to obtain driving work again. For employers, a DUI or DWI raises a serious red signal. 

It’s crucial for drivers to recognise that having one additional beer just isn’t worth it because alcohol laws are so severe for commercial truckers. That may result in high legal costs as well as significant disruptions to a driver’s life and career, not to mention the business they work for.

How truck drivers Should Act?

A few beers at dinner, for instance, can quickly grow into a few shots, which can result in intoxication into the following day. Alternatively you could make the error of believing that since you are off duty and in your cab, you are allowed to drink. But what happens if someone rear-ends you and the police arrive to check you? It never looks good to have any quantity of alcohol in the system, even if a driver is beneath the legal limit for blood alcohol content. Drivers should engage in activities such as reading, writing, exercise, making phone calls, or watching a movie instead of drinking. All of these concepts are excellent. Any type of alcohol should never, ever be kept in the vehicle since it can tempt you.



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