Most Dangerous Times to Drive: Tips for Staying Safe on the Road

Driving is something that most people do on a daily basis. While accidents can happen at any time, certain times of day are more dangerous than others. The risk of getting into an accident increases depending on the time of day, holidays, and weather situation. However, there are precautions one can take to reduce the risk of getting into an accident. Keep reading to learn more about the most dangerous time to drive and how to stay safe on the road. 

Rush Hour

One of the most dangerous times to drive is during rush hour. Traffic is often the heaviest and people are hurrying to arrive at or home from work. Rush hour typically occurs from 7 am-9 am and 4 pm-7 pm, otherwise known as the morning and evening commute. During this time, drivers are more likely to speed, change lanes abruptly, and engage in other dangerous behaviors. 


During rush hour, it is important to leave early to allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. Maintain a safe distance between yourself and the car in front of you and avoid changing lanes frequently to reduce your risk of getting into an accident. It is important to pay attention to your surroundings and be prepared to react quickly if necessary. 

Late Night

Driving late at night is another dangerous time on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the hours of midnight and 4 am are the second most dangerous due to the number of drunk drivers on the road. 


If you do have to drive during these times, it is important to stay alert and practice defensive driving. Wearing a seat belt, driving the speed limit, and keeping a safe distance between the cars around you help to reduce the risk of getting in an accident.

Inclement Weather

According to the Federal Highway Administration, 21% of all vehicle crashes in the United States are weather-related. Rain, snow, ice, and fog make it more difficult to see and cause the road to become slick and slippery. Even those with experience driving in snow or inclement weather need to be cautious. The car accident lawyers at the Law Office of Edward W. Sampsonstates that drivers “not only have the duty to follow speed limits; they must also adjust their speed for road and weather conditions.” 


It is imperative to slow down and give oneself plenty of time to react to changing road conditions to stay safe while driving in bad weather. Prior to driving it is important to check that the windshield wipers are working and the headlights are on to ensure that visibility is good. Maintaining a safe distance from other cars is important in case your car begins to slide. This helps to reduce the risk of getting into an accident.

The Holidays

Holidays are a busy time for everyone. It is typical to see an increased amount of cars on the road around Christmas, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and Labor day. The increased number of drivers also increases one’s risk of getting into an accident. According to the National Safety Council, the fourth of July is the deadliest holiday of the year – partly due to the high number of car accidents that happen on this day. 

When traveling around the holidays, it is important to plan your route ahead of time and to allow extra time to travel. Practicing safe driving tactics like avoiding cell phone usage, using a seat belt, and driving sober all help to keep one safe during the holidays. 

Driving can be dangerous no matter the time of day, weather, and day of the week. It is important to always stay alert and take precautions while driving. Obeying traffic laws, staying focused, and driving defensively all help reduce the risk of getting into an accident.



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