[Study] The Deadliest Roads in Florida

Nobody expects to be in a car accident, let alone a car accident that can cause serious property damage, personal injury or even death. Yet, for residents in Florida, there are certain areas that are known for having higher rates of fatal crashes. In this post, we will examine a recent study released by a Florida law firm that explores the deadliest roads in the state and discusses causes and potential solutions and proactive measures that could save your life.

The study, published by Vanguard Attorneys of Florida, leverages twenty years of data to calculate the number of fatal crashes and total fatalities on major highways in the state. The study took a look at most of the major roads in the state and broke them down into 5 mile sections. The data from this study is shocking on its own, but also provides insight into where crashes are likely to occur and what can be done to protect yourself. 

What We Know 

We don’t have enough data to break down the accidents by cause, but what we do know is that 5 out of the 9 listed deadliest roads in Florida come from sections of just 2 roads, making these two roads the deadliest in the entire state. US Highway 19 takes the top two spots on the list with a record of 115 and 108 fatalities each respectively. When examining the map, we can see both of these stretches of highway run through coastal towns. This could indicate the environment is a factor as crashes may have been from vacationers or those engaging in risky driving behaviors such as distracted driving or drinking and driving. 

Similarly, Interstate 95, which runs from Ft. Luaderdale, down through Miami, had 3 spots on the list and a total of 211 deaths over the course of the study. Each of these areas was near a major urban population center and also close to the beach. We can conclude from this data set that the closer a major highway is to a major population center, the more likely a fatal crash is to transpire.

We can also assume that perhaps intoxication and other conditions, such as construction or inclement weather, may also play a role in some of the fatal crashes. 

Protecting Yourself From Fatal Crashes in Florida

Given what we know about the location and frequency of fatal crashes in Florida, it does make it easier to protect yourself from a potential crash. 

First, always try to avoid major highways with tons of traffic, big trucks and other dangers if possible. If you must drive on one of these major highways, try to do so as little as possible and while conditions are clear. 

If you are forced to drive on one of the roads on the list, it’s a good idea to be extra cautious. Allow room between you and other drivers, practice defensive driving techniques, stay focused on the road to see what’s ahead of you. If you see someone driving strangely or like they may be under the influence, quickly change lanes and create distance.

If you are facing hazardous conditions, get in the slowest lane possible and try to wait it out if time permits. It’s better to be cautious and possibly arrive late to your destination, rather than risk serious injury or death getting into a preventable crash. With these tips and a bit of due diligence, we hope that you’ll be able to make it safely to your destination and avoid a fatal crash.


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