Do These Things To Make Your Vehicle Last Longer

There are a few things in life that loom as large investments. Automobiles are one of them. When you find the make and model that is just right for your lifestyle, it is an exciting purchase, albeit a potentially disconcerting one due to the large expenditure you are undertaking. With that in mind, you want to make sure your new vehicle operates as smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible. 

Follow these tips to get you where you need to be and keep your auto in good condition.

Protect Your Vehicle

The mere act of moving your auto from one point to another is a chance for damage to occur in the paint job. An errant rock flying toward your hood from another vehicle is a common scenario. 

You may think that this is part of life with a vehicle and that it is inevitable. That does not have to be the case. You can protect your vehicle with a professional application of a Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film. This film will help prevent damage from everyday wear, rock chips, scratches, and inclement weather. When you put so much money into your vehicle, you want it to look good and last. This is a preventative measure that is worth it.

Keep Your Auto Clean

A clean vehicle is a happy vehicle. And, really, it just looks good. This applies to both the inside and outside. 

By routinely vacuuming your car’s interior including the seats, dash, floorboards, and vents, you prevent excess irritants from circulating throughout the cabin. In addition, all of the bits of dust and debris that land in your vehicle during normal daily usage can cause minute scratches that will add up over time and cause the surfaces to look dull and scuffed if they are not wiped down frequently. Windows can become grimy on the interior due to fingerprints, fog, or build-up. This is especially noticeable during sunrise and sunset when any dirt can hinder your visibility.

The outside of your automobile is susceptible to any number of elements. From the hot sun searing down onto the paint job to rain, sleet, and snow, dirt comes along with the weather. If you live in a snowy winter climate, you know that the salt and rock that is applied to city streets to prevent slipping can wreak havoc on your vehicle. 

It is not enough to simply wipe down the outside, you need to run your vehicle through a proper car wash to ensure the undercarriage is rid of dirt and salt, as well. Pro tip: Bring an old towel with you, and pull off to the side once your vehicle is through the car wash. Open each door, one at a time, and wipe all the way around the seal. This will help prevent the doors from freezing shut before you return home.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Following the manufacturer’s service schedule is not a suggestion. These points have been drawn up by the experts who helped design your vehicle to ensure reliability and viability. Scheduling and keeping routine maintenance appointments help vehicles last longer and run more efficiently. A bonus of having expert eyes on your ride with routine frequency is that the mechanics will see any problems before you likely will.

As soon as you purchase a vehicle, or right now while you are reading this article, take out your smartphone or preferred calendar. Go ahead and enter every recommended service schedule or interval. Next, set up reminders one month in advance so you have enough time to fit the service into your busy schedule. Some dealerships will assist with these reminders, as well.

Rotate the Tires

Rotating your tires helps keep your car aligned, maintains an even wear on the tire treads, and aids in fuel economy.

Watch this video to learn tips on how to rotate your tires.

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Avoid Distractions

If you are in charge of people or pets, you know how easy it is to become distracted. To avoid this, plan ahead. Transporting your furry family member to the dog park or the veterinarian can be a fun or fraught adventure for everyone. Invest in a blanket to protect the seat and a specially-designed pet harness to keep them secure and safe during the drive. Crating your pet in the back of the vehicle is always a sound choice as they will be out of sight, although not out of earshot.

As for children, they can certainly have short attention spans or immediate needs that you may not be able to satisfy as you will be at the wheel. Packing snacks, drinks with resealable lids, wipes, and the like within their reach for independence (if they are able) will help you maintain focus and reduce the need to stop the vehicle. Purchase behind-the-seat organizers where your kids can place their snacks and personal items for easy access and organization.

Follow Safety Guidelines

Being a safe driver may not seem like a foundational recommendation to make your car last longer, but it is. Consider this – if you do not get into an accident, your vehicle will not require repairs for the inevitable damage. More importantly, you will not hurt yourself, someone you love, or someone you have not even met.

Be intentional in your efforts to avoid texting and driving. If you have Bluetooth pairing options with your vehicle, always set up your phone in advance of putting the car into drive. Another idea is to check your texts once you have arrived at your destination. 

Enabling a voice assistant on your phone is both safe and convenient as you can verbally request a change in music playlists or your route request instead of typing it in. You can always pull over to the side of the road if you get lost and need to study a map.

If you live in an area where mass transit is limited, you rely on your vehicle during off hours, or you simply enjoy the freedom of movement with your car, you understand the importance of keeping it in optimal driving performance at all times. It will not only save you money but time, as well. Make good choices today and reduce distractions to see the benefits tomorrow and for years to come. Happy driving.



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