Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius is a well-known poker pro. With the growing popularity of online poker, everyone has the opportunity to play, and Patrik has managed to create a great career for himself from playing.


Patrik was born on December 13, 1980 in Helsinki. Patrik, who spent his childhood in Hakunila, Vantaa, played tennis and was successful at the national level. However, he had to stop playing tennis due to back problems. Sport has always been in Patrik’s hobbies. Patrik also did modeling work. Patrik was fascinated by online poker, but at first he didn’t have a big enough bankroll to get into the games he really wanted to. However, with persistent effort, he gradually began to achieve his dreams. The line between a dream and a goal is a hair’s breadth away, and a plan must be made to achieve the goals.

Patrik clearly had a specific goal. Patrik took the first steps of his actual poker career after his military service by going to play at a casino in Helsinki. Gaming brought variety to business studies at Helsinki University of Applied Sciences Stadia. Nowadays, Patrik lives in Monaco with his wife and daughter. Taxation and legislation have driven many other players abroad. In Monaco, the weather favors sporting pursuits; you can almost always play tennis and golf due to the weather, and you don’t have to go far if you want to go skiing.

Poker career

Patrik started playing with a few hundred dollars. After winning the games, the bankroll also increased. In a couple of months, there had already been enough winnings that the game bank had increased to 20,000 dollars. Patrik moved to the United States, where he focused on playing while studying English. Wins came steadily and the bankroll grew. Patrik plays both online poker and live poker tournaments. Patrik returned to Finland Soon the bankroll had already grown to 350,000 dollars. Patrik started playing professionally in 2002. He has won more than three million in live tournaments and almost 12 million in online poker. Patrik is at the top of the world poker professional list. As a counterweight to big wins, Patrik’s career has also had some losses. He takes losses harder than wins, considering winning more normal. After big losses, it makes sense to take a short break and then continue playing with renewed enthusiasm, when your thoughts are back together.

Philippines online Casinos to start your own career can be found online and you can start playing with small bets, so not everyone has to play like Antonius.


What makes Patrik a good poker player? Patrik’s strengths are his steadfast playing skills, ability to read the opponent and attacking style of play. A strong competitive drive also brings its own advantages to playing. Patrik focuses on playing really well. Even if the sums are large, Patrik doesn’t get nervous and hardly even thinks about the amount to be played during the game. Patrik knows how to make the right decisions for the game, and there is certainly a touch of luck involved as well. Patrik likes Pokka in every situation, and you can’t tell from his expressions whether he has good or bad cards in his hand. Patrik has an excellent psychological eye and can read opponents really well. The game eye has developed over the years. Patrik has built his career long-term and persistently.


In 2018, Patrik received the Player of the Year award. Abroad, he is e.g. was second in the Macau tournament, for which he received more than three million dollars. Rozvador’s highroller tournament win brought $425,000. In terms of career, important victories are, for example, the 2005 second place in the Bellagio Five Diamond Classic competition. We must also mention the third place in the Barcelona Open. The victory in the Scandinavian Open strengthened his career. The online poker room Martinspoker sponsored Patrik’s playing in the early stages of his professional career.

Patrik has also appeared on the High Stakes Poker television show in several different seasons. Patrik is a self-taught professional, and his great career gives hope to ordinary players as well. With diligent practice, you can even achieve a career in poker. And what nicknames does Patrik play under? The most famous nicknames are I_Knockout_U, FinddaGrind, Luigi66369 and CryMeARiver8.



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