Car Washing: 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Car at Home

Every car owner needs to wash their car from time to time. You might think the job will be well-done even if you do it at home and by yourself, but it is in fact, the opposite. Sure you can clean yourself from time to time, but washing it at a car wash does have its set of benefits. 

This is because your car and the environment are both being harmed greatly by the process. Money, time, and water are wasted and that’s not what we want, do we? If you’re looking to find a reason to stop DIY car washing, then look no further as in this article, you’ll find 3 reasons why you shouldn’t wash your car at home. So let’s get started!

1. A Car Wash is Better For The Environment

If you think that washing your car at home is eco-friendly, then think again.  It’s time you open your eyes to the truth. With technological advancements on the rise, there are now several ways to maintain and clean your car without harming the environment, and one such is dry washing your car at a car wash.

There are federal laws in many places that require prioritizing environmental protection.

For example, one such law in the US requires car washes to drain wastewater to be drained down the sewer drains. Compare this to when you wash your car at home and the waste gets drained. Furthermore, this traditional method of washing your car ends up polluting the region’s water bodies. Hence, opting for a dry wash is an ecological solution.

Moreover, water wastage is another recurring problem. Using your garden hose wastes a lot of water. Car washes, on the other hand, have high-pressure water nozzles that use water efficiently and minimize wastage and the waste is often recycled by the car wash as well.

Car washes offer dry washing which wastes no water. If you live in Florida, you can consider checking out auto detailing Fort Lauderdale to get your car cleaned in an effective and eco-friendly way. Auto detailing helps to keep your car in the best condition, and they employ chemical solutions instead of mechanical ones. Through the auto detailing process, all contaminants are removed from the interior and exterior of your car, regardless of whether you can see the contaminants or not. You will get a polished, blemish-free exterior making the car look like new.

● Tips to Minimize Waste at Home

That being said, it’s not always possible to drive to a car wash whether it be because of time constraints or any other personalissue you may face in your daily life. So here are some tips that will help you minimize waste, even when washing your car at home.

Firstly, consider changing car wash products you currently use. Make sure the soap you’re using is biodegradable and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that might damage the environment e.g petroleum-based ingredients. Secondly, sink your dirty water down toilets instead of storm drains and keep the hose off whenever you aren’t using it.

And lastly, you should use reusable clothes when drying your car. Although these tips won’t minimize waste as much as a car wash can, especially with their waterless car wash techniques, remember these tips and you’re already on the right path to protecting the environment.

2. You Can Damage Your Precious Ride

When you are washing your car at home, there is a possibility that you may using products that are not suitable for your car’s exterior. Therefore, the satisfaction you might attain from a job well done at first, may end up turning into a big regret later. For starters, washing at home can ruin the paint job and may lead to scratches all over it.

The brushes, sponges, and other equipment you might have at home, are simply not going to give you the best results if you compare it to car specific tools and products that car washes have in their arsenal. 

After all, car washing facilities have tools that are specifically engineered to give it a brand new look from the outside, and inside. There is also the matter of experience and technique. Professional washers are trained in a way that teaches them the best ways of cleaning your car without doing any sort of harm done to it.

Additionally, your supplies may not just be ineffective, but they can harm your precious vehicle as well. Not researching the cleaning tools beforehand is a rookie mistake every car owner should learn to avoid. Even if you invest in the best products, the results are still going to be lacking when compared to a commercial car wash.

Cleaners may even oxidize the paint, taking away the shine it once had and when you reuse scrubbers, the dirt and water are also reapplied back to the car regardless of how clean you try to keep it. Furthermore, people tend to wash their cars during the day and the soap and water on the surface may dry up and leave water marks.

● Tips to Prevent Damaging Your Car at Home

Now, let’s talk about ways you can take preventions to wash you car without damaging it. Choosing the right supplies is the first step to DIY cleaning. You can’t do a good job unless you have the right tools. You should buy and use only the specified amount written in the packaging instructions. Furthermore, there may be different conditions for cleaning different paint jobs or surfaces so you should also research that before going in with the sponge.                 

You should wash the wheels first, so that the dirt and grime don’t end up transferring anywhere else on the car, making your job much harder. It is recommended that you change the washing tool entirely before moving on to cleaning the body. Additionally, dip your mitt or sponge in water often so that the dirt doesn’t carry over from one place to another, and refresh your cleaning solution as well when it gets too dirty.

Near the end of the process, you should blow the car dry to prevent water spots, not to mention that drying it with physical tools may end up leaving a scratch. You can use your leaf blower or another similar tool for best results, but make sure not to blow more contaminants onto your car. Lastly, you should use spray wax on your car’s exterior to keep it protected from elements such as rain and dirt.

3. Experts Do it Best

When thinking of washing your car at home, you might have several reasons why. You can save time, and money and clean it more often as well. So why is it argued, that car washes are always the better option? Well, there are two simple reasons behind this, experience and efficiency.

A car can always be washed in your driveway and this will save you a lot of time, but is it the ideal for your car and more importantly, the environment?

The answer is absolutely not. Typically, car owners only acquire surface-level knowledge of cleaning out cars, whereas, reliable car washing services have trained professionals to do this job.

So, even if you do not want to take your car to a car wash, you should still consider hiring professional car washing services to do it for you. This way, you can use the hours required to wash the car to do something else.

Next, let’s talk about why so many car owners avoiding a car wash to save money. Is it actually worth it?

Sure, you can argue that washing your car by yourself is the cheaper option. You don’t need to pay experts to do it for you and you also save the cost of driving over to the car washing facility. However, you still need to buy supplies, which can often be pretty expensive as well.

Car washes have different cleaning options as well. Some are cheaper for regular washes and some are more premium deep cleaning services that should be done once in a few months. Car washes also take less time to complete the job. Hence, washing your car at home is ultimately inefficient and harmful to your car, and the environment.

In Conclusion

Although it can be work out to be costly for many car-owners to afford car wash services, but if you compare time required to wash at home and money for the car wash service, you’ll notice that people have different needs and requirements. For some, time is more precious, while for others, they have a tight budget to work it. So, check with yourself, and choose accordingly.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the top reasons of washing your car at a car wash. Feel free to let us know about more reasons why one should opt for car washing services.



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