How Can You Protect the Value of Your Vehicle?

For the most part, vehicles don’t keep their value. We all know this when we purchase a car or truck, unless it’s something especially rare, a classic car or something particularly special, it’s pretty much guaranteed to depreciate in value. However, that doesnt mean to say that you shouldn’t aim to maintain the value of your vehicle as much as possible, as when you do come to sell, you’ll still want to get as much money for it as you can. Here are some of the ways you can do just that. 

Go For Regular Services

One way to get the best price for your car is to prove that it’s been well looked after, and taking it for servicing at the correct times is the best way to show that. Not only does it keep the car working well for you (potentially saving you on expensive repair costs later down the line) but it will enable you to get the best price when you sell. 

Avoid Cosmetic Modifications

If you want to get the best price for your car when you come to sell and maintain it’s value as much as possible, you’ll want to rethink that custom paint job, tinted windows and lowered suspension. Keeping it as close to stock as possible will increase interest and what people are likely to pay on the second hand market. 

Keep it Clean

Keeping your vehicle clean helps to prevent damage like rust from forming from caked on dirt. Keeping it clean on the inside involves not smoking, and using a truck seat cover or car covers if you do messy activities or ride with your dogs. While you could have your vehicle cleaned and valeted before you sell, certain types of smells and damage will be hard to disguise so you’re much better off keeping it clean and maintained as you go. 

Repair Any Minor Issues

Replace car key batteries, window wipers and refill the fluids if they need it. Make sure no warning lights are showing on the dash, and have any strange sounds or symptoms attended to before you come to sell. Even minor issues can put off buyers as they’ll be worried that they indicate something bigger and more expensive. Any minor scratches can often be made to look much better with a scratch repair kit and some buffing so it’s worth doing. 

Get a New MOT

A vehicle that has recently been MOT’d gives a buyer peace of mind that everything is in good working order at the time of buying. If you only have a few months left, consider getting a fresh MOT before you come to sell. 

Getting as much money as possible when you resell your car gives you a bigger deposit towards your next vehicle, and means it cost you less over the course of its time with you. 

How do you protect your vehicle’s value or get the best price when selling?



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