6 Ways to Prepare Before Auto Transport

You’ll want to prepare your vehicle for transport by removing personal items and checking them thoroughly. You should also fill your car with less than a quarter gas tank before shipping it. It will make it easier for the shippers to load and unload your vehicle and save fuel costs. Finally, you should wash your car before sending it and disable alarm systems in your vehicle.

Check Company License

Before hiring an auto transport company, you should always check their license and registration information. It is important because working with an unlicensed company is illegal. You can also verify a company’s license by looking up its motor carrier number on the FMCSA website. The permit will also tell you if the company carries the required insurance for your vehicle.

It is essential to be aware that the auto transport industry is heavily regulated. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) have established rules and regulations for companies that transport cars. If the company doesn’t have an MC or DOT number, it may be a scam or a lead farmer. In addition, if the company has a “Not Authorized” MC number, you should never engage their services. A valid license is also essential to weed out scammers. Some legit companies like auto transport aat have access to over 2,500 modern transport carriers and collaborate with them. Make sure you hire a licensed and experienced company to avoid problems in the long run. It is for your good and the benefit of your vehicle.

Remove Personal Belongings

Before auto transport, removing personal belongings from your car is important. Auto transport companies are reputable and will make sure your belongings are safe. However, they do not always leave your car in a secure location, so remove all your items before the vehicle leaves your possessions.

Ideally, you should remove all personal items from your car before auto transport to avoid damage to the interior. Unfortunately, leaving these items in the vehicle can cause interior damage, and most auto transport companies do not insure for internal damage.

Disable Car Alarms

Before transporting your car, you should disable car alarms. This process is easy. First, unlock the car’s door. Next, start the vehicle and disengage the alarm by disabling the battery or removing the fuse. Be sure to wear safety gloves. You will also need the owner’s manual.

Disabling car alarms before transport is crucial for the driver’s safety. Having a car alarm set off during transportation will distract the driver, slowing the process. The transport driver’s first concern is your car’s safety, so this step is significant.

Clean your car

Whether you’re shipping your car to a new location or just taking it for a ride, it’s essential to clean it thoroughly. A dirty car will hide a lot of damage, making it harder to spot. Keeping your car clean also makes it safer to drive during transit.

To prepare your car for transport, use a soft cloth to wipe the inside and outside. Next, you should apply car soap and make sure you also clean the tires. Then buff your car to prevent scratches and dings. If possible, skip the waxing stage.

Lock Up Your Car

If you’re sending your car for auto transport, you should lock it before entrusting it to a transportation company. Although most transport companies will not close a vehicle during transport, you can request that they do so if you wish. These companies must follow specific security procedures to ensure your car is safe during transit.

Change License Plate

In most countries, governments require vehicles to have license plates on the front and back. The number of dishes varies from state to state, although the European Union has a standard system for vehicle plates. The first section of the plate features a blue circle with an EU emblem in the center, followed by the country’s area code and random numbers and letters. In addition, different countries have different vehicle requirements, such as diplomats’ cars or army vehicles.


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