How to improve truck engine performance

Proper Maintenance Methods


1.  Regular Maintenance

Engine is the powerhouse and the heart of the whole vehicle. Its good performance exerts a significant influence on truck’s driving capacity. Therefore, it is essential to practice engine maintenance in order to guard truck’s normal and continuous operation. As for owners, it is better to inspect some phenomenon, like if the truck has a problem of excessive oil consumption, which is usually accompanied by blue smoke flowing out of the exhaust pipe. If any, it suggests that the engine needs some maintenance in terms of solving the current trouble and prolonging its service life.

2.  Replace Overused Sparking Plugs

As the using of sparking plug extends, its electric grade will increase discharging gap under the influence of burn. Meanwhile, the cumulative carbons between the insulating end and electrode will impede the movement of sparks, resulting in current reduction and ignition inefficiency. As a consequence, the owner should regularly clean and replace the sparking plugs. The owner should pay attention to sparking plugs in such cases, for example,30,000-50,000 kilometers’ traveling, powerless acceleration, increasing oil consumption, the owner should inspect and renew the sparking plugs.

The assembling procedure will help the owner perfectly dismantle and install the sparking plug. Prepare new sparking plugs and relevant tools, dismantle and install new one, detach the protective cover of the engine, check the wires, eliminate breakdown codes and restart the engine to make sure its normal operation. 

3 .  Regularly Exchanging The Oil

Like the engine is the heart of the truck, the oil is its blood.

There are various additives in the oil, which protects engine parts well and enables engine’s daily operation. The function of the oil is to lubricate, purify, seal and dissipate heat of internal parts. When the oil is overused, it will deteriorate and then weaken its purifying function, finally amplifying friction inside the engine. The owner had better select high-quality oil, develop a good habit of termly replacing the oil and oil filters to improve engine performance and prolong its service life.

4 .  Regularly Clean And Replace Air Filters

Air filter is located in the engine’s intake system in order to filtrate dust and particles contained in the air. If the air filter is too dirty, it will stop fresh air from flowing into intake system, affecting the mixture of the air and gas. In another word, if the cylinder gets less air, the mixture will not enough to burn, which brings about gas waste, less engine power and unqualified emission.

The air filter serves another purpose that it can filtrate silicon oxide. The hardness of silica exceeds metal much more, therefore, when silica passes the friction surface, it will wear lubricant oil film, scratch cylinder wall, exacerbate friction of the cylinder, and shorten the service life of the engine in the end.

The owner should be a wiser selector. Air filter with paper property enables to extend engine’s service life. Outstanding filters adopt subtle pored paper to filtrate dust through tiny pores and make sure clean air flow into the cylinder. In use, the filter will be attached with a layer of dust, so it should remain clean. The common method to clean up it is to blow it with compressed air from inside to outside until the dust no longer exists. Besides, avoiding to damage the filter, the owner should replace the filer per 15,000 kilometers in accordance with trucks’ maintenance guidance.


Use High-Property Spare Parts

1.  Upgrade Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake is commonly regarded as after-sales assembling parts, whose function is to bring cold air into the engine. Although the cold air intake will not create such huge momentum to the engine, it will benefit the engine in some aspects. The intake of cold air is a great healer for the engine.

Here are some advantages of the clod air intake. First, a better mileage. Due to the intake of cold air, the air-fuel ratio is optimized. As the engine gains sufficient oxygen, the vehicle will travel far. Otherwise, lacking oxygen will make the truck consume more fuel to compensate the shortage of oxygen. Second, higher horsepower. The air volume during the cycling period of burn is one of the determining factors of the engine output. Compared with warm air, the cold air effectively contributes to burn fuel and that is why assembling cold air intake is helpful to enhance the horsepower. Third, amplify the sound. The intake of cold air avails engine efficiency. In this way, it will enlarge the volume of cold air induction. As a result, stronger airflow is able to generate exciting boom that many owners want. Fourth,increase the speed. By installing cold air intake,the owner enjoys the acceleration much better. The responsiveness of the engine becomes more sensitive. That is why a growing number of owners prefer to owning a cold air intake.

2.  Catalytic Converter

Three-way catalytic converter is the outside purifying device installed in the exhausting system. The device decontaminates toxic gas such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide, which are exhausted from the traffic fumes, and transforms them into nontoxic ones like carbon monoxide, water and nitrogen by means of oxidization and reduction. The owner should have a good knowledge of the function of the catalytic converter in order to maintain good performance of the engine.

Following factors like high temperature, deteriorated emission, chronic toxicity, inefficiency of oxide sensing circuit, accumulated carbon on the surface, mismatch with the engine will affect normal transformation of the catalytic converter. The maintaining period should not last for a long time. Normally speaking, the owner should goes to 4S store or professional repair plant to termly clean up and service the part. Developing a good habit of maintenance not only improves the truck performance, but also decreases the emission of toxic components of the tail gas.

3.  Add Manifold

Manifold is the front pipes of several cylinders that the air flows into after passing the intake and the air filter. It is the crucial and common intake pipes of the engine. The design of the manifold ensures the reasonable arrangement of the gas separately in the cylinders. As the carrier of the fresh air, it seems extremely important. At the same time, it controls the intake volume and determines the burning quality and power state of the engine. To reduce air resistance, booster intake capacity and make the inside wall of the manifold clean, the owner should termly clean up the part.

4.  Assemble Supercharger

The fundamental function of the supercharger is to increase the intake volume of the engine. With a supercharger, the engine’s power and torque are increased and the vehicle refreshes. When an engine is equipped with a supercharger, the max power is 40% higher than before. That means the same engine after being supercharged will generate more output. Take the 1.8T turbocharger for instance, the supercharged engine reaches 2.4L momentum. What’s more, the supercharger increases the rationality of fuel consumption and reduction of waste gas.

Take A View Of Gearbox

The engine and gearbox are closely connected with each other. It is necessary for owners to be aware of their principles and relationship, and attach equal importance to them. 

Engine transits power to gearbox, while gearbox controls the power and then passes it to tyres. Engine is the device producing power for the operation of vehicles. It is the powerhouse, determining the dynamism, economy, stability and environmental property. According to different power sources, it can be classified into diesel engine, gasoline engine, electric engine, hybrid engine and so on. The engine generates torque as the power to drive wheels to run, while friction caused by tyres and ground moves vehicle forward and backward. The function of gearbox is that it changes transmission ratio in order to adapt to different driving speed and conditions; In the same rotating direction of the engine, it enables truck to drive backward; Starting park to ceasing power transmission and make the engine remain at an idle state. Gearbox generates different gear ratios of the engine and wheels when truck operates, and changing gears leverages the optimal engine performance. Accordingly, regularly maintaining the gearbox seems indispensable. 

Here are some tips for gearbox maintenance. Regularly change automatic transmission fluid. Ensure the normal operation of its cooling system. Remain a good working condition of the battery and motor. Connect the earth lead wire with the ground. Check the leakage of the gearbox. 


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