6 Ways NFC-Based ID Verification Can Benefit Drivers

If you work in the shared mobility sector – whether you provide a driving service or you specialise in car rentals or leasing – then you may be interested to find out more about NFC-based ID Verification in Mobility and how it can be of use. Not only can this form of ID verification benefit drivers who want to be a part of your service, but it will also help your whole operation run more smoothly. This, in turn, will improve services for passengers. 

Curious? Read on to find out more about how NFC-based ID verification works and the 6 ways it can help drivers. 

What is NFC-based verification? 

NFC technology allows companies to verify people’s identities quickly and easily, using encrypted chips in smartphones, and NFC-enabled ID documents such as a driver’s license or passport. More than 8/10 smartphones now come with NFC capability, making it easier than ever to not only verify your identity but also to make secure purchases with just a few taps on your smartphone screen. 

The results are immediate 

If you are taking on drivers or scooter riders for your shared mobility service,  the verification process will take just minutes using NFC ID verification. This means a new employee or customer can be onboarded faster than ever before.

Simple savvy car sharing

People who want to try car sharing in order to lower their transport costs can now use NFC-based ID verification to avoid partnering up with a potentially risky candidate. All they need to do is use their smartphones to swipe each other’s digital IDs and wait for the NFC technology to produce a result. 

Convenient car rentals

 Until now, anyone wanting to quickly and efficiently rent or lease a car had to spend time laboriously filling out forms as well as producing physical evidence of their ID. Now, all of that hassle is instantly erased thanks to the speed and convenience of NFC-based ID verification processes. All you need are an NFC-enabled smartphone and NFC-enabled ID documents. 

Mobility businesses can stay safe from fraud

One of the main benefits of NFC technology for businesses working in the mobility sector – as well as other industries – is the impressive level of protection it provides against potential fraud and other criminal activity. 

Improved data privacy 

These days, many people are very concerned about maintaining the security of their private data. By using NFC-based ID verification in your mobility business, you can reassure your customers and employees that the levels of data privacy you can provide are of the highest calibre.

Keeping cars and customers safe 

If you run a shared mobility service, such as a driver-hailing company, then the safety and security of your passengers are sure to be of the utmost importance to you. By using NFC-based ID verification, you can be certain that the people you are employing to be your drivers are exactly who they say they are and make sure you choose reputable individuals for your team. Similarly, if you are leasing or renting cars, you can use this form of verification to make sure that whoever is using one of your vehicles is someone who can be trusted to bring it back in good condition.



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