What You Need to Know About Starting a Car Wash Company

If you’re interested in starting a company that has something to do with cars, the obvious choice would be to start a dealership. However, this market is often oversaturated, meaning you will have a lot of competition.

Another option you should consider is starting a car wash company. This may not sound exciting, but it can truly be a profitable venture. Of course, as with most businesses, there are a few things you will need to know about starting a car wash company, and this post is here to walk you through a few of them.

Do you need qualifications?

Strictly speaking, you don’t need to have any qualifications to start a car wash company. However, it can be incredibly helpful to have a few qualifications behind your name.

Most business owners can benefit from having some knowledge of the business and financial industries, especially because you will be the one running the business behind the scenes. And if may surprise you to learn this, but there are also options that are aimed specifically at people who run car washes, such as training courses that focus on car wash management.

What do you need?

Most businesses require a few things before they can officially open their doors, and the same is true for car washes. You will need all the standard documentation and licenses that any other business would, and you would of course also need some type of financing or capital to get your business off the ground.

For car wash businesses specifically, you would need an area that is suitable for washing cars, as well as specialized equipment like pressure washers.

Which types of employees will you need?

You will likely need quite a few employees, with most of them doing the actual work of cleaning the cars.

It’s important that you choose reliable people for this job, as your business’s reputation will be on the line – if they damage someone’s car while cleaning it, you will be liable for the damage. Depending on how big you want your business to be, you may also want to hire salespeople or someone to help with the admin.

No matter how many people you hire or which roles you hire them for, you need to always ask them these questions when you are interviewing them.

Is it a profitable idea?

Finally, it’s time to talk about the question everyone wants to know before starting a business: is the idea a profitable one?

Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer. It’s true that, with the right management and marketing, your car wash company could end up being very profitable, but the opposite is also true – you might not end up making that much money.

That being said, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it. If you do try it and you don’t make much money right off the bat, don’t lose hope. It takes a while for a business to become profitable. You can learn more about how long it takes for businesses to be successful here.


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