Five Top Motor Sports You Should Consider Following

We all know the popular Formula 1, and it is usually what many fans like to consider whenever they want to watch motorsport races. Following F1 closely are MotoGP and NASCAR races. In these events, you can find the best circuits, cars, and drivers, making it easy to make your picks like you would with NFL picks.

In that case, whenever you want to decide on which motorsport you want to start watching, there are numerous ones. However, if you want to get the best experience with the top cars and other exciting parts of these sports, you should go for the popular ones. The ones with the major events. 

To help you with it, we’ve pieced together five of the top motorsports that you can consider following. Without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Formula 1

Undoubtedly, Formula 1 is the most popular motorsport globally, and it is becoming one of the most famous sports with a large following worldwide. Many people are already getting drawn to the massive excitement of the racing world, and we can see that many people have been enjoying what the world brings. 

With F1, you know that you’ll enjoy some incredible actions that would make your time watching them worthwhile. Some battles even brew every year, and we see teams go head-to-head for the championship title. There is never a dull moment with the top teams, including Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari. 


For the car racing aspect of motorsport events all over the world, NASCAR follows Formula 1 closely, offering a kind of exciting series of events. The association hosts multiple events over the year, and the top driver receives the championship trophy to parade the town at the end of the season. 

NASCAR has many events across the United States that you can watch on TV or go to the circuit live to enjoy the serenity and atmosphere. It is pretty exciting for any newbie as you will get to enjoy some exciting races and battles between drivers over the 100s of laps that each racing track usually offers. 


If you love bike racing and something different from cars cashing after each other, you should go for the MotoGP aspect of the motorsport world. In this case, you want to get an exciting atmosphere with bikers racing for glory through tough terrains and trying to navigate through the hard asphalt of the different racing tracks. 

MotoGP is also referred to as the Formula 1 of the bike racing world, and it is beginning to gain massive popularity in the world of sports across the country. We’ve seen different races attract many spectators, and in that case, we enjoy the different sereneness of the sporting arena and how the riders give us a good show. 


Close to MotoGP is the Superbike racing championship. It is everything you need from a top racing sport as it has all the competitiveness and incredible moments most fans want. In the Superbike world, you can expect to see some clutch moments that other motorsports might not offer to you. 

In that case, you might want to check out the various areas to understand the top riders and how they are going into a particular event. It is never a terrible thing to ensure that you try looking out for some incredible moments that would make your time at the races worthwhile. 


If you want an American-based F1 kind of racing, Indycar events are a great feat for you. The cars are almost similar to the ones used in Formula 1. 

Therefore, you know that you’ll be getting the same level of competitiveness when you decide to watch this aspect of motorsport. Not to worry; there are enough events around the year. 

When you go with Indycar, you might not get the usual conventional atmosphere with Formula 1 because it is more based in the US. Therefore, you might have to go through some of the various rules to make sure you enjoy the different things the events have to offer spectators. 

Final Thoughts

Motorsports are exciting if you can find the right fit for you. You only need to ensure that you take time to look at the schedules and understand the rules that govern the races. Once you do that, you are good to start enjoying your new sport because everything will be perfect for you.



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