The 3 Biggest Benefits of Driverless Cars

The modern age is defined by amazing new technologies.

The internet has connected us more than ever and brought countless new technological advancements into our lives. We can now access seemingly endless amounts of information on just about any topic. 

If you want to become a better chess player, you can instantly learn how thanks to the internet. If you need to repair a hole in your wall, you can learn how to do that as well.

But we aren’t the only ones learning. The internet is also rife with algorithms that can pick up on our preferences or personal information and use it to make increasingly accurate and helpful predictions.

These algorithms are on full display on sites like Instagram and Twitter. If you’ve ever logged onto social media and found your feed full of brand new, surprisingly relevant content, you have an algorithm to thank. 

And those algorithms are increasingly moving off the screen and into the real world. One of the biggest and most relevant ways in which these algorithms are impacting our daily lives is through driverless cars.

This amazing new technology has the potential to revolutionize roads. Here are the 3 biggest benefits of driverless cars.

1: No More Drunk Driving 

While we would all like to think that the laws against driving under the influence are enough to stop people from doing so, sadly, this isn’t the case.

Each year there are still tons of DUIs issued. What’s more, for every person caught driving drunk, there is likely someone who did the same and wasn’t caught.

Drunk driving is not only terrible because of the legal ramifications should you get pulled over, but it is also extremely dangerous. Many accidents and deaths could be avoided if people didn’t drive under the influence of alcohol. 

Driverless cars can eliminate this terrible occurrence. A self-driving car can ensure that people get home safely, no matter what their current state looks like.

Not only will this make the roads safer, but it will also ease the burden on law enforcement, as they will no longer have to monitor the roads for drunk driving or set up DUI checkpoints.

2: Fewer Accidents 

Driverless cars can seriously reduce the number of accidents that occur.

A vast majority of accidents occur due to human error of some kind. Maybe someone was texting while driving. Maybe they ran a red light or simply lost control of the wheel.

Regardless of the reason, human errors can cause serious damage.

Driverless cars can make a huge difference by eliminating humans from the equation. The cars will drive themselves, sticking strictly to their programming. This will make the roads safer and reduce accidents significantly.

3: Fewer Deaths When Accidents Do Occur

While driverless cars can reduce accidents, some amount of risk will still be present. Luckily, self-driving cars can help in these scenarios too.

The artificial intelligence that controls these vehicles can be programmed to save the most lives in a given situation. This means that in scenarios when injury or death of some sort is unavoidable, the car can minimize the damage and save the most lives possible.

This is something humans are frequently incapable of. In a split-second instance, humans can’t make calculated decisions the way an algorithm can.

By switching to driverless cars, we’ll reduce the risk of accidents and the damage caused when they do occur.


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