6 Jobs Everyone Should Be Able To Fix on Their Car

Once upon a time, everybody had an idea of what they needed to do to fix their car. But now automobiles have become more complex. While major repairs may be something we don’t all have the skills, patience, or time to tackle, there are plenty of car maintenance jobs we can all have a go at. 

Engine Air Filter Replacement

There are a number of filters in your car. If you find your car shaking while driving, this can point to a clogged fuel filter but rather than going for this filter first, the engine air filter replacement is the best way to give your car a tune-up. There is usually a how-to guide in the owner’s manual or online, and it’s far better and cheaper for you to sort yourself. 

Windshield Wipers

Having functional windscreen wipers is vital to driving safely in arduous conditions. Over time, the rubber blades can dry or wear out, resulting in a smear of water across your windscreen. Learning how to do this yourself is simple because the blades normally snap into place. 

Fluid Check

It should be a common practice, but monitoring fluid levels is something that we don’t all feel we have the time to do. While most vehicles will have sensors that will alert you when the fluid count is low, you shouldn’t trust your car completely to do this for you. It’s vital to check the engine oil for the proper levels and make sure that it’s not contaminated, discolored, or burnt. You can check other similar components including brake fluid and windshield washer fluid. 

Battery Replacement 

One of the key car components that are prone to failure. Knowing how to install a new one will not just save you cash, but could make a big difference if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. To complete the job, you need a couple of extension bars and a ratchet set. To do this properly, you just need to loosen and remove the battery cables and the clamp that keeps it in place. 

Brake Pads

If you ever hear the brakes squeaking or grinding, it’s time to make changes to your brake pads. Some people tend to shy away from this, but it is simple to do. You can inspect brake pads easily and when you are looking for ways to do it, there are some great videos online that will take you through this process step-by-step. 

Rotating the Tires
Every 10,000 miles, you should rotate your tires. All you need is a jack to lift the car up and simply swap the front tires to the opposite side and the back tires to the opposite sides. You may not need to do all of the tires depending on which wheels are experiencing more tread issues.

These are some jobs that you can fix all the car by yourself and will save you a trip to the mechanic or can help you fine-tune your vehicle before you sell it! Time to get fixin’!



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