What Should You Do After Being Involved in an Accident?

Being involved in an accident, especially in a car accident in Texas can be really scary and terrifying but the person or the victim should remember to stay calm. There are certain things to be done and considered which will be best for you. These actions and decisions will have your life depend upon it and also, the amount of reimbursement you’ll receive. The step that you’ll follow and do after the said accident may affect the reimbursement that you can demand from the insurance company you’re connected with when you file a personal injury claim.

So, what exactly should you do after being involved in an accident? Ask your Austin auto accident attorney to learn more.

Here are some steps to follow after acquiring bodily injuries because of the injury you have been involved in. These are very important and should be observed carefully to ensure your safety, welfare, and well-being.

Seek medical care

Seeking medical care after an incident can ensure your safety and is a must after an accident. You may feel fine and think that your injuries are not serious and should be fine but symptoms like discomfort, dizziness, numbness, and pain may appear and be noticed in the following days from the day of the accident.

Also, the most accurate thing to do for you to ensure your safety and also to make your claim for insurance much stronger is to seek immediate medical care. If you wait for several days before having yourself checked by a medical professional, it will be harder to prove that your injuries and wounds are the results of the accident you have been caught up with. Also, they will jeopardize your health which can lead to health problems and issues.

Take detailed photos and notes

Always remember to take photos and notes of your injuries and medical treatment you have received as this will serve as evidence and documentation. Take note the name and address of the doctors, physical therapist, chiropractors and other professionals that you have visited after the accidents.

Also, keep in mind to keep receipts of your medications that you have received and any assistive devices that were necessary to be bought immediately. Keep records of your injuries by keeping a journal including the medical care you have received. Be specific when keeping records of the injuries by including the degree of pain that was felt and any inconveniences that were experienced because of the wounds.

Remember to file every form of correspondence that there is that you had with the medical professionals and practitioners during the course of the treatment and during the medication, attention received for our injuries. This will include emails from your doctor and notes like telephone calls and doctor’s appointments.

Keep all the medical bills and receipts which include the doctor’s prescriptions, assistive equipment like crutches, canes, walkers, etc., special food or the required diet and co-payments. Also, keep track and record of your travel expenses for medical appointments and necessary medical treatment.

To strengthen your personal injury claim, it is necessary to keep a record of the accident. Provide information about the accident and photos of the accident locations including traffic lights and stop signs, if there is. Also, include a photo of your car’s damage. Take several photos of the damaged parts of your car with every angle in close-ups and distance shots.

It is also important to keep a record and proof of financial loss. This will include lost wages and opportunities because of the injuries acquired and damage made to the car. Also, it is important to have a witness. This can be bystanders or someone you were with during the accident. Keep track of our witness’ names, address and contact numbers.

Don’t say it’s your fault right away

Instead of admitting that it was your fault right away, it is better to get a police report by giving a detailed description of the accidents and providing them with photos. Do not tell your witness, the other party and even your car insurance company about it but rather provide them with an honest police report and have them decide whose fault it is.

Sometimes, it may occur that a few mistakes are made that will jeopardize your claim. Make sure not to settle immediately but wait until all injuries and wounds are healed to get all the necessary treatment needed. If things are done otherwise, then you will not know and get the total cost of your injury.

Also, be mindful of the release forms and make sure not to sign any of it without reading and understanding it. Release forms are sometimes tricky since some of these are checks which release your company from the responsibility of paying all of your medical expenses.

Most especially, consider having a personal injury attorney. Injury attorneys and lawyers are more experienced in dealing claims and will help you understand your rights and the necessary things to be done. They will also provide you with the best option you have to get the highest amount possible for your claim. An attorney will be a highly valuable asset as they will be helpful when having disputes over your claim, especially in the courts.

Just a tip, keep in mind attorneys know the worth of your claim and so it is very important to consult an Austin auto accident attorney .

Hiring an Austin auto accident attorney allows you to have a good sleep at night by leaving it to him for him to use his influence and experiences at demanding a huge insurance settlement. Also, since they have experience they know the legal process for the claim. Since you’re not an expert in the field of law, insurance companies may trick you and give you less than what you should receive. It is worse to miss thousands of bucks from your settlement money just because you didn’t understand the legal process. Most especially, hiring a lawyer improves your odds. That’s the best instrument you can use that can increase the chance of you getting a high insurance settlement money from your insurance company.


Being involved in an accident is traumatic and can bring serious damage not only to you but also to the people involved in it. That is why knowing what to do after experiencing such a terrible event would be pretty much an advantage to ensure your safety above anything else.


Story From Atty. Ben Dominguez

The past 27 years Ben has successfully litigated high-profile cases resulting in damages paid to his clients and obtained not guilty verdicts and dismissals on behalf of his clients facing serious criminal charges.

Ben has appeared in front of the Texas House and Senate Committees to speak about pending legislation, was a guest on the Texas House Floor for the Governor’s State of the State Address, written the script for a TV commercial for the winning gubernatorial candidate in a governor’s race. Mr. Dominguez has also appeared in industrial commercials filmed in NASA for presentation to the United States Congress.



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