Learning How to Repair Things From the Comfort of Your Own Home

In the past, repairing your stuff was extremely common because manufacturers would be a lot more open to the idea of sharing manuals and technical information. However, buy any kind of electronic or large machine today and there’s a good chance all you’ll get is a quick start guide and a bunch of legal papers.

More and more people have started to notice this trend among manufacturers and brands. In fact, people are pushing for movements like Right to Repair which aims to put the power of repair back into the hands of ordinary people. These kinds of movements are fantastic for encouraging people to learn how to repair things like electronics and even vehicles. While it’s not always in the interests of these brands, more companies are actually opening up to the idea.

Take Steam for example. They’re the largest digital video game distribution platform on the planet and have recently launched their first portable console, the Steam Deck. Instead of keeping the internals and technical information secret, Steam has been extremely open about sharing repair information so that users can open it up and replace components.

But just because some companies are starting to change their attitude, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to repair something on your own. In fact, it still takes a lot of time and effort to learn how to repair something at home. So to help you out, we’ve prepared some useful tips on how you can learn to fix your own devices and machines from the comfort of your own home.

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Start by watching some videos and getting an idea of what those repairs will include

Let’s face it; repairing stuff isn’t for everyone. Some people would much prefer the convenience of just sending their electronics to the manufacturer and having them repaired by a professional. However, for those that are interested in learning more about repairs and how they’re carried out, it’s a good idea to look up some videos on YouTube to see what it involves. You’ll see that small electronics repairs are fairly easy but do require specialized tools and a steady hand. Similarly, you’ll see that car repairs can be quite involved but you’ll likely have a manufacturer’s manual to rely on for extra assistance.

You’ll also find loads of articles on machine and engine service that can be extremely helpful at getting a rough idea of what’s involved. Once you have a better idea of how these repairs are carried out, you’ll be able to judge for yourself whether it’s something that you can manage on your own. From here, you can perform a bit more research to figure out what tools you need and if there are ways to practice on older devices and machines before you work on your own.

Look at advice from professionals in the industry and comments from others who are in a similar situation as you

It’s important to remember that you aren’t the only person that wants to repair their own stuff. There are probably loads of people out there who are in a similar situation as you; they want to repair a broken or old piece of equipment and they’re looking for advice on the internet. It’s highly likely that someone has done it already, so it’s worth looking at community message boards and forums to learn from the experience of others.

The key to doing your own repairs is to learn from other people. It’s not about working things out on your own or reinventing the wheel; it’s about listening to other people that have performed those same repairs, looking at the pictures they’ve shared, and also learning from their mistakes. The more you listen to others, the faster you’ll learn how to repair something.

When possible, always practice on something before you work on the real thing

Practicing repairs is difficult because it’s not like we have a spare device or even a car to work on without consequence. When possible, it’s always a good idea to practice on something to get a rough idea of how the insides look and where you can go wrong. Building up experience like this is extremely important to gain confidence, and it also helps to learn from your mistakes so you know what to avoid in the future.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. If you find that there’s no way for you to practice repairing something before doing it on your device or machine, then it’s best to just proceed carefully or even consider hiring a specialist instead, especially if it’s something expensive.



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