Common Mistakes That Can Put Your Car Accident Claim In Jeopardy

Unfortunately, car accidents are a leading cause of death and catastrophic injury worldwide. While the leading causes of car accidents include speeding, substance abuse, reckless driving, and distracted driving, it’s essential to handle the situation correctly if you have been involved in any road accident.

Whether the collision was minor or severe, there are a particular set of steps you’ll need to take from the moment you exit your vehicle. 

Because many victims of car accidents act under extreme emotional distress, mistakes in the process are not uncommon. However, because these mistakes can put your claim in jeopardy, it’s essential to remain calm and know which steps you need to take. 

Not Contacting Law Enforcement

It’s essential to contact local authorities after an accident. Even if the road accident was a minor bump, you need to report the incident to the police. Officers will arrive on the scene and detail the incident while collecting statements from involved parties. 

If the accident was minor and you decide not to contact the police, you won’t be able to claim compensation from your auto insurance policy. Furthermore, you also won’t be able to claim from the other driver, even if they are responsible, simply because you don’t have a police report to validate the incident. 

Avoiding Legal Representation

Another prevalent mistake victims of car collisions tend to make is avoiding legal representation under the misconception that the consultations will be an enormous extra cost. However, these costs are included in compensation as an expense that stems directly from the accident, so legal aid won’t cost you anything at the end of the claim process. 

Consulting an accident lawyer is possibly the most beneficial decision you can make in this situation, as an expert lawyer can promise a positive outcome. 

Not Collecting Enough Evidence

The evidence you’ll need for your car accident claim is the police report, any witness statements, medical reports, a letter from your employer for lost income proof, and photographs of the accident scene. 

If you don’t include the necessary evidence to validate the accident, your claim will likely be rejected. 

Accepting A Low Settlement Offer

It’s easy to understand how accepting a low settlement offer can be a mistake. However, car accident victims often settle for less as they assume another offer won’t come through, or perhaps waiting through a negotiation period seems too time-consuming. However, the first offer will be substantially low as a standard. 

Instead of accepting the low settlement, be patient and work with your lawyer to negotiate the amount. 

Claiming for a car accident can be stressful and time-consuming. Although, with guidance from an expert lawyer, you will receive fair compensation for the ordeal. That said, it’s also essential to prioritize your recovery. You’ll need time to heal from the injuries and the emotional distress of the incident. It’s worthwhile to consider physiotherapy, and in instances of severe accidents, counseling is often essential to overcome the traumatic experience.


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