Advice For Second Year Drivers

Everybody always gives first year drivers tips and tricks, but it is important not to leave second year drivers behind and this is a time where you are getting your bearings on the road. 

If you have managed to survive your first year of driving with no issues or a few minor hiccups – well done! Getting through the first 12 months can be a challenge but once it’s done you’ll feel much more comfortable and confident behind the wheel. 

Today we want to take a look at some helpful tips and tricks for you if you are about to enter your second year as a driver. 

Upgrade your wheels 

Now is the time to invest in Junk car removal and say goodbye to your first run around car once and for all. It is common knowledge that people buy a low powered car in their first year on the road, and usually an old car that they don’t mind scratching or scraping. If you are one of those people, consider upgrading to a newer model such as a 2015 or above that provides you with a safer car to drive in as well as giving you a little more power on the road. Now that you are used to driving, investing in a car you can keep for a while is a good idea. 

Compare car insurance deals 

The most important thing you should do when you come to renew your car insurance in the second year is check for deals elsewhere. Don’t blindly except the renewal offer given to you by your current provider before you have checked for other deals. You will be surprised how much the cost of insurance can decrease over time and you might be losing out on a huge deal if you don’t compare online first. You can change insurance providers every year if you want to, it is something that will depend on your needs and the cost at the time. 

Don’t get complacent 

When you have been on the road for a while it is very easy to pick up bad habits. Not indicating, going above the speed limit, cutting across lanes… all of these are common and shouldn’t be something you give in to. Make sure that you don’t get complacent on the road this year and instead consider sticking to good habits and even reminding yourself of the rules now and again.

Have a service done 

When you have been driving the same car for over a year it is important to get a service done and make sure that your vehicle is safe to drive. A full service will check everything from your tyre tread to screen wash levels and you can ensure that your car is safe and in top condition for the road. 

Get to know your car 

It is now time to get to know your car a little better. That manual sitting in your glove compartment will tell you a lot about your car and how to make the most of it. You can look at buttons you have never pressed, consider performance, and find out how to change your tyre if you ever need to.


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