What Are The Different Kinds Of 4 Wheeler ATVs In The Market?

If you’re scoping out your latest ATV rental, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from, since there are several sizes and different shapes of these four-wheelers. It would be helpful for you to look into the different types of ATVs so that you know which would be the best fit for your purpose. Categorized as per their use, size, and capacity, these ATVs are crafted for different purposes such as ranching, racing, recreation, pit-vehicles, recreation, military, hunting, emergency services, and even for industrial purposes. To put it simply, ATVs are more versatile than you can imagine.

To add to your growing fascination with ATVs, let us tell you that even though the most popular type of ATV is the four-wheeler variety, they aren’t all of the ATV collection. You can also find three, six, or eight-wheelers ATVs. Fuel-conscious crowds will be pleased to hear that today, there are a lot of And eco-friendly ATV models being launched in the market that function on batteries. The best example of this is the Model One EUV released by Barefoot Motors. If you’re searching for a blog that will help you determine what kind of ATV you could rent, you’re at the right place. Our guide will help you arrive at a decision smoothly, so keep reading!

The Differentiation in ATVs

Your next ATV can be as small as a 50cc or as large as a 1000cc, it completely depends on your preference, the capacity to manage the wagon, and other preferences.

As you may be aware of motors and engines, cubic centimetersis the metric of measuring its cylinder’s volume. There may be one or multiple cylinders in an ATV, but the CC shown in the item description refers to the combined capacity.

Apart from how many wheels your next ATV has or the different sizes it comes in, you can also differentiate between ATVs depending upon the purpose of its manufacture. The most rented versions of 4 wheeler Las Vegas ATVs are the Utility ATV, Sports ATV, and Side by Side.


Types of ATVs

Utility ATV

Utility ATVs are very helpful in the daily tasks of agriculture and ranching which require constant repairs and other jobs done. They can also be used by hunters to travel through uneven terrain, along with their heavy equipment. There are quieter versions of these ATVs that hunters prefer because they are electrically operated. Even though these ATVs are bought for the purpose of acting like utility automobiles, they are also used often as recreational vehicles on private property, making them the most popular choice for ATV rentals in the US. Utility ATVs have a short travel suspension and a substantial motor but also come with a lot of accessories that you can add to.

Sports ATV

Sports ATVs are the next best choice and preference of four-wheeled ATVs in the country. With a size variation from 250cc to 700cc, sports ATVs are meant for all types of terrains, making them a favorable choice. The multiple suspensions can handle rugged terrain as easily as smooth tracks. The best aspect of sports ATVs is that they can be modified using your choice of accessories to completely personalize your experience, making the drive even more exciting.

They can be used in racing and are built with agility in mind, making them one of the most lightweight and lithe ATVs in the market. The suspensions, durability, and the ATV’s ability to move at high speeds are a perfect match for racing and other forms of utility.


Side-by-Side ATV


The Side-by-Side ATVs are also called the SxS or a Rhino, owing to their substantial sizes. These four-wheelers look like golf carts but have the suspension of a sports ATV loaded with bigger and more robust motors. The size helps this ATV carry loads of cargo as well as people, so you can take your friends for a spin without worrying about leaving one behind. You would be delighted to hear that some small towns and villages allow these  ATVs on the highway and have increased their use for multiple purposes, even by companies like Tesla. The military and rescue mobiles are also employing the aid of these Rhinos, with a few modifications to suit their usage.

Kids ATVs

The kids’ ATVs look exactly as you may have imagined, small, safe, and adorable. Meant for children, these can range in a capacity of 50cc  to 125cc, so that your little one can keep you company and start learning the joys of ATVs early in life. These four-wheelers are fun and keep the safety of your child in mind without depriving them of the adrenaline rush that cruising brings. 

Before You Rent an ATV 

Your ATV will show you a great time depending on the choiceyou make, so complete your research and double-check with your rental expert if the ATV you’re eyeing will help you in the terrain of your choice. Rental ATVs are more convenient of a choice if you’re not interested in buying and maintaining one. Since a lot of states do not allow the use of ATVs outside of a select few areas, it would be a loss to own one and leave it in the garage catching dust. Instead, renting ATVs by the hour or day can be a more affordable choice that allows you to change models as and when you like rather than being stuck with just one type!


ATVs can be extremely useful and fun when you make the right choice. If you’re new to ATV and how to use it, taking baby steps is very important. The ride can be thrilling, but make sure that you follow all the instructions of the rental manager to have fun and avoid any mishaps. We have discussed the best alternatives of ATVs that are the most popular in the four-wheeled category and hope that it helps you to make the best call, depending upon what purpose you’re going to hire an ATV for.  



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