Five Tips for Safe Summer Driving

The start of summer brings an abundance of travelers to the highways – some headed for vacations and others just happy to have a long weekend to visit a new destination. And no one wants to start their summer by getting into an accident or having a significant vehicle malfunction! These summer driving trips should help you get out on the open road safely and focus on enjoying your summer.

Beware of distracted drivers.

Summer vacation season can also mean vehicles full of kids of teenagers who are very likely to distract the car’s driver, even if unintentionally. Whether it’s the road trip playlist causing a jam session that gets the driver distracted or the kid’s movie on repeat and messing with video controls, distractions are inevitable. If you’re paying close attention to your surroundings and not letting the occupants in your own vehicle be a distraction, you’ll be just fine. 

Don’t ignore summer weather threats.

Snowstorms and treacherous weather are synonymous with winter, but summer weather events can be equally challenging to navigate safely. From unexpected thunderstorms, flash flooding, high winds, and even tornados, drivers should take summer weather obstacles very seriously. Watch the forecast ahead of your trip and ensure your wipers are in excellent working order. 

Be cautious of drunk drivers.

Drinking and driving is a considerable concern in the summer and especially around holiday weekends. As a driver, it is your responsibility to drink responsibly and always arrange a designated driver. And as a driver on the road, you should be extra cautious to watch your surroundings, prepared to act quickly if the situation arises. 

Adjust your driving in heavy traffic.

Holiday weekends are notorious for heavy traffic and more traffic fatalities so where possible, avoid traveling on those days and head out early or travel back before the weekend is over. If you do find yourself amid a particularly jammed-packed freeway, take it slow and be extra cautious. Increase your following distance to help offset the dangers of heavier traffic, construction zones, and vacationing drivers traveling in unfamiliar areas.

Be prepared to handle an accident if it happens.

No one plans to get in a traffic accident, and even the safest drivers can find themselves in a minor or major accident. Before leaving home, ensure your insurance and registration are all up to date, make sure your address on each vehicle document matches your official driver’s license address, and have an emergency plan in place if an accident occurs. Who will you call? Do you know how to contact traffic offense attorneys? Do you have all of your insurance information handy? No one wants to plan for these types of events, but those who do will find it well worth the planning. 

The start of summer is exciting and fun, and travel experts predict big crowds on the road for 2021. By starting prepared, you’ll have a great chance of enjoying that vacation or long weekend trip and arriving at whatever destination you have planned safe and sound.



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