How Can I Improve My Old Car Suspension?

When you own an old car or buy one, you need to think beyond the look and feel of the vehicle inside out. Its suspension is a factor that requires attention because it ensures smooth and safe rides. It holds up the vehicle and absorbs the bumps and shocks. It can be hard to assess for someone without technical knowledge because the suspension typically comprises hundreds of different parts. Moreover, designs vary from vehicle to vehicle, which makes them complex. But you may want to upgrade your old car suspension at some point, and it makes sense to understand how you can do it. Here are some things to consider.

Upgrade strut bearings

Strut bearings are the touchpoints between the body and the spring strut, making them a significant part of the suspension system. The front struts include springs and shock absorbers. Struts are installed on top of shock absorbers and enable torsional movement with minimal friction. Mechanics recommend replacing this part to improve the suspension or steering performance of the vehicle. You can upgrade to a heavy-duty or racing suspension to make your car race-ready.

Invest in new performance coil-overs

If you are tired of bumpy rides, a new set of performance coil-overs can help you avoid them completely. These suspension devices help to adapt the damping, chamber, and height so that the vehicle can overcome shocks and run smoothly even on the roughest roads. The coil-overs have coil springs and shock absorbers and can be installed as single units. Leakage in the shock absorber is a sign that coil-overs need a replacement.

Replace the worn-out bushings

When bushings wear over time, they enable more movement. You may end up feeling a shimmy from the car’s front, while clunking or rattling noises become a common occurrence when you drive on rough roads. It is a clear indication that you must replace the bushings. You can easily find them online, even as you look for Classic Car Restoration Parts for your old car. Timely replacement will address suspension-related issues like poor handling or loose steering.

Pick new air springs for your car

Another piece of advice to improve the suspension of your old car is to replace its air springs. They leverage the compressed air, which is required for the braking system. They are a worthy investment even for a classic car because they make the vehicle ready to adapt to various road situations. While you can try installing them with DIY, it is best to get it done by a pro.

Switch to bigger tires and wheels

The tires and wheels of a car play a crucial role in the suspension system and assure improved comfort and handling capabilities. Switching to bigger tires and wheels is your best bet if you want to go the extra mile. They do much more than ensuring stability on all kinds of roads. Invest in them to make your rides more comfortable, decrease noise levels, and boost the fuel economy. 

Upgrading the suspension of your old car is easier than you think. Just pick the best parts and have an expert installing them for you, and you are all set to cruise. 



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