7 Easy Ways to Protect Your Roof Box Theft

Imagine you return to the deck, step out from the boat and find the roof box isn’t there on your SUV? Well, most folks don’t even want to imagine being in a situation like this.

Arguably, a roof cargo box is something precious and cannot go unnoticed due to its huge size! So, there are a lot of chances your box may get stolen along with the items it contains.

It is indispensable to ensure that your car roof box is safe at all times and anyone cannot remove it from the vehicle. 

Here are seven easy ways expert drivers use to protect their rooftop cargo carriers from thefts. 1. Use a Rooftop Cargo Carrier with Built-in Locking Mechanism 

There are a plethora of roof mounted cargo boxes available with built-in locks. The cargo box gets locked with the roof rack of your car and becomes detachable. Furthermore, using a cargo box with built-in locks reduces the hassles of buying and using an aftermarket lock.

The only way to detach the entire setup is using the key, so you can rest assured that thieves cannot steal the cargo box.

In case if the thieves still manage to detach the cargo box, they won’t be able to put it in the market as the box becomes unusable. 

Also, people aren’t interested in buying a cargo box with broken locks, so thieves tend to avoid cargo carriers with built-in locks.2. Use an Aftermarket Lock 

If you already have the best rooftop cargo carrier, go with a good aftermarket lock. There are a lot of reputed brands like Thule that sell high-quality and durable locks to protect cargo carriers. 

Just lock the cargo carrier with the roof rack, and you are good to go. Breaking the lock is a daunting task and requires a lot of effort; no thief will be interested in putting a lot of effort to get nothing or a broken cargo box in return.3. Keep the Roof Box at Home When Not using it 

You won’t be using the roof box every day, so why not put it in the store and avoid the chances of thefts! When there’s no roof box on the car, there are no chances of it getting stolen.

Unmounting the cargo carrier may be a bit intimidating, but it is rewarding as well. Check out this video to find out how to remove a rooftop cargo box.4. Use a GPS Tracking Device 

Since the inception, GPS tracking devices have made tracking stolen things easier. Even when you have a lock in place, make sure to use a GPS tracking device as well. 

Some rooftop cargo boxes are exorbitant, and if you too own one of them, it is imperative to use a tracking device vivint pricing

If the cargo box gets stolen, you can track down its location, or it will be helpful for the police department to locate where the box is right now.

Some people tend to install the tracking device on the outside to deter thieves. However, it is not the best practice since anyone can remove the tracking device from the cargo box.

Install it on the inside, and ensure that it is properly hidden somewhere in the box.5. Personalize the Cargo Box 

Why not personalize the cargo box so that thieves also think twice before stealing it? With a few paint jobs and a little bit of effort, you can personalize the cargo box. 

Write something down that stops the thieves from stealing the box. You can even get it painted from the local paint shop. Also, you may get some excellent ideas online.6. Using an Alarm System will be a Great Idea 

A lot of people aren’t aware of alarm systems, but they are compatible with rooftop cargo boxes. Either go for a lock with a built-in alarm or go for a standalone alarm unit that starts buzzing if someone tries to remove the cargo box without your permission.

Buy the best lock with a reminder cable that’s waterproof and is compatible with the roof rack.7. Have a Watchful Eye on the Roof Box Every Time 

Even when you are using a lock or have an alarm system fit with the car roof box, it is advised to have a watchful eye on it every time if you don’t want it to get stolen. Always park your vehicle along with other cars as it can decrease the chances of theft. 

Moreover, try to stay around the vehicle as much as possible, or ask someone to watch for your car while you are enjoying yourself with your friends and family. 

Final Thoughts 

With these easy tips, you can protect the rooftop cargo boxfrom theft. Furthermore, it is advisable to detach the rooftop carrier when not using it, and it’s the best way to protect it. 

Lastly, always inspect the cargo box before travelling. Check if the latches are properly attached, and the box is secured in its place with the lock or alarm system.

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