Car Safety Features That Keep You Protected During Emergency Situations

Your car is a high investment. Whether you want to buy a new one or even want to continue driving the old one, it is crucial that you include all the safety features in your vehicle. With evolving technology, new features have come. Understanding the operation of these features becomes important to avoid accidents or an emergency situation. The safety features that you should not overlook include: 

Safety Belt: Safety belts are one of the essential pieces to protect your life. They reduce the risk of unwanted injuries. People who wear seat belts cut the risk of death by 50%, as they prevent the driver and the passengers from being ejected. 

Brake assist: This feature of your car identifies the sudden application of the break. Along with the anti-lock braking system (ABS), the brake assist enables you to apply breaks without locking the wheels. A number of studies have shown that during a panic situation, the drivers do not apply break with the maximum force. In such a situation, the brake assist involves itself in reaching the shortest stopping distance. 

Smart Keys: You cannot imagine your car running without this feature. The smart keys help you to keep your vehicle protected. The experts at say that an auto locksmith can easily handle the replacement of the key fob. The key by the locksmith can help in better functioning and perform better fob-related tasks. In addition to it, the passive sensor chip in the smart key can start and turn off the engine inside the car.

Forward-collision warning (FCW): This feature has the cameras, radar, or laser to inspect if any vehicle is approaching or not. The forward-collision warning makes you alert and protects you from the crash. In some cars, these features come with a visual or an audible voice to make you conscious before you react. This feature of your car uses the FCW and protects the pedestrians. If the pedestrian detector finds a high collision, it starts applying the emergency brakes.

Blind-spot warning (BSW): The blind-spot warning system uses the radar or the cameras to illuminate a light in the mirror to warn you about any other vehicle in the lane beside. Many times, this gets hidden in the car’s blind spot and you are not able to see any moving vehicle. But with the blind-spot warning system, this is not an issue anymore. In addition to it, there are systems that provide an audible so that you can take quick action. The technologically developed systems can also apply brakes and move the vehicle back. 

These are some of the safety features that you should have in your car. Having them in your vehicle will not only provide you utmost protection but also gives you the best market versions with the latest technology. According to a report, a braking system and smart keys lower down the risk of accidents by 10% and injuries by 21%. Therefore, we suggest that even if these features cost you more, do not compromise on them. They are worth your spending money, as they have the fullest potential to avoid deadly injuries.



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