7 Car Accessories That Are Actually Useful

Who said accessories are just for humans? Even your car needs glamour. May it be gadgets that would make your car high-tech or simple items that are must-haves. Give your vehicle some add-ons that are not just pretty but functional. 

Here are seven car accessories that will be useful for you and your car.

Tech-Related Accessories 

These kinds of accessories will elevate the functions of your car. 

  1. Car Locator 

If you are the type of person who always forgets where you parked your car, a car locator would be a life-saving gadget for you. You won’t be embarrassed about losing your car. 

A smart car locator is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. It serves as a tracking device that you access through your phone. Usually, this one also has built-in USB ports for fast charging. 

  1. Key Finder

If a car can get lost, your keys could too. Have you ever forgot where you placed your key and spend tons of time looking for it? Thankfully, there are also Bluetooth key finders you can use to track your misplaced key. 

  1. Bluetooth Adapter 

This tech gadget will update any old car. Your outdated vehicle can now access a Bluetooth connection. You’ll be able to play music and answer calls cord-free.


Keep the inside of your car cleaner by being organized with these items.

  1. Console Insert Side Pockets

The center console of your car has limited space for your things. Installing side pockets will give you more space for your phone, wallet, keys, and loose change. It also offers an additional cup holder.  

  1. Trunk Organizer

Foldable or pocket-net trunk organizers will surely secure your baggage while you drive. You won’t have to worry about your groceries scattered inside your trunk when you get home. Plus, you won’t be bothered while driving feeling things are rolling and bouncing in your trunk.  

Maintenance And Car Protection 

Multi-purpose add-ons that protect your car and make it look good. 

  1. Console Cover

Your car console is susceptible to wear and tear because it is exposed to several items that can scratch and bump it. However, you can add a layer of protection to avoid any damages by using console covers. You can protect your console with these covers which also adds storage space for your things. You can even put your phone or smaller items like your cards and pens.

  1. Car Vacuum 

Dirt and debris can easily get into your car whenever you enter. It is also tough to clean the insides compared to the outside. It would come in handy to have a portable vacuum cleaner to suck in all the dirt especially from the tight and small spaces. 

Who knew that an old car can seem new and that a new one can still be improved? The tech-related accessories will give an improvement to any car. You won’t need to worry about the clutter with the organizers. Also, maintenance and car protection accessories offer so much aside from care. 

Whether your car is old or brand new, you’d wish to pamper it with some accessories. These items will not only revamp the look of your 4-wheeler but will also be useful for you.

8. Car Body Kits:

Car body kits are mainly made up of exterior modifications for the car, typically consisting of front and rear bumpers (fenders), side skirts, and spoilers for the painted portion of the car. With the addition of these modifications, the outlook of the car is enhanced. The ultimate goal is to make the car more aerodynamic and also to give the car a more unique and attractive look. In that sense, choosing body kits for your car is crucial, not just for the overall look of the car but also for how it drives.



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