3 Cheap Ways to Bring your Car Back to Life

Follow along and find these three simple and the right-to-apply ideas endorsed on your car when you buy it.1. Denting & Painting2. Deep Washing & Shining3. Upgrade of many kinds

Denting & Painting

Does NOT apply on the new car (and how come it can be?) but goes straight with the old car as you cannot really expect an older car born 5 or 10 or even 20 years ago (if you are going to purchase a vintage car due to its unique design), the first thing that you can spot from many areas is the RUST.

The rust eventually takes out all the glow off the car to look dull, and yes, all RUSTY.

You can get to see it building up not externally (outer body) but may notice it by sliding yourself down the car.

See the rust anywhere? It is the high time to take ACTION, and Fast!

Secondly, the denting wherever you see the scratches and the dents produced over time; take them out and correct them as soon as you can.

They don’t really look nice on the car driving in such a state. With denting and removing the rust, the next “crucial” and “critical” part is to paint the whole vehicle (if possible) to feel like NEW.

May it burden your wallet a bit, but that is like driving the new car out of the showroom, and this whole experience would eventually last for the next couple of years without repeating the same.

Result: Just like a new one!

Deep Washing & Shining

After the denting and painting is done (not necessarily if your car does not need that, it is not one of the critical steps to take before moving to the second one.)

Washing and the ‘Deep Washing’ are totally different in the aspect of nature. In contrast, the ‘Washing’ is generally done to clear the car out of the mud from the bottom and do some necessary cleaning externally; while ‘Deep Washing’ is like opening up every single removable part, including the floor carpet and the seats, to do deep cleaning from in and out.

If you do happen to live in a place where mud and the sand are the best companions you can face during the rain and the dry days, you need that too often, OR the car would look like an old aged folk desperately trying to brisk rather than walk.

As with the shining, this should be commonly done after general to deep washing as it protects your car against UV-rays (see if your polish supports it), including the waxing, which helps it fight against the rust and colors would not deplete for long.

Result: Protects against rust and looks nicer and fresh!

Upgrade of many kinds

Okay! We did not specifically pick what sort of upgrades you would be taking.

There are many, and we are going to name a few out of the many.

Dehumidifier: Feeling damp and wet; the dehumidifier is the solution to fix this worst situation.

USB cable: We understand this is the thing no one would NEVER forget to have, BUT that is just a reminder! 🙂

Mountable mobile holder: Again, a particular type of accessory, and again we listed it here for the reminder. 🙂

Tools: NOT just one but many.

Get;● Car tow cable● Air compressor (for tubeless tires)● Lug wrench (to remove the tires in case get punctured)● T wrenches of many types (8, 10, & 12)

Just a few of them. And, if you are a DIY person, get a hold of some more. 

Bonus’ turn: Upgrading the Sound System

How come we can miss that part? Take it or not, but most of the latest vehicles come right from the showroom installed with the audio system’s not so good. Bashing the bass and it is gone!

To rectify this issue, always opt for the best 6×9 car speakers, which would ultimately cost you a few couples of hundred dollars for sure. Still, the quality and the peace of mind to keep listening to your favorite tracks with the unstoppable beats to enjoy the road trip is priceless even to imagine.

Do NOT just wait for banging the stock audio system even if you purchase the old second-hand car. If that is what your ears do not like, replace ’em!

Believe us that is worth upgrading the car with!

Conclusion time!

No fluffs; as we are bound to list the top 3 cheap ways to bring your car back to life, what you got into your mind?

Apply these and go worry-free to keep your car as clean, bright, and shiny to roam around the highways. Especially when the vehicle is old, and it shines; the people would take a lot of notice of how clean it looks! 🙂

So, do it AND do it NOW! 🙂


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