What Is the Smallest Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

If you or your loved one relies on a wheelchair, it doesn’t mean you have to buy a disabled-access van. You can still keep driving a small car if that’s what you prefer. The smallest wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) currently on the market is the Fiat Qubo, but there are several other options that families can choose from that are also compact. 

Small WAVs bring numerous benefits to households that are facing high medical costs associated with cerebral palsy or who have little need for a larger vehicle. Despite their size, WAVs are safe and can effectively assist in the transport of people who are confined to wheelchairs. Learning about your WAV options can help you make the best purchase decision for your household.

Finding a WAV​

The Fiat Qubo is difficult to obtain in the United States, so those who are in need of WAVs often seek out other options or convert their own vehicles to become wheelchair-accessible. There are many companies that specialize in this process. Families have a wide range of options for choosing a vehicle that is both safe and capable of transporting their members who require a wheelchair.

Why Choose a Smaller Vehicle?

Choosing a vehicle for your loved one requires many different considerations, the chief of which for most families will be cost. Smaller vehicles can save their owners money in the following areas:● Price of the vehicle: A smaller vehicle that will be converted to a WAV will typically have a lower price tag than a larger one.● Lower fuel costs: Smaller vehicles weight less than larger ones and often use less fuel. Lighter vehicles also tend to be newer and have greater fuel efficiency than older models.● Lower insurance costs: Smaller vehicles are generally safer than larger ones, so disability auto insurance may cost you less.

Some families may choose to purchase a larger WAV such as an affordable wheelchair van for a variety of reasons. Their child may require more interior space due to their condition, or they may simply not feel comfortable in a smaller space. Families may also use the vehicle for multiple purposes, or they simply may have more people they need to accommodate. Carefully consider what you’ll be using your WAV for before making a purchase.

Modifying Your Vehicle into a WAV

A company that specializes in modifying vehicles to turn them into WAVs can guide you through the process of finding an appropriate vehicle for your needs. They can help you identify what factors you should consider before making a purchase. 

If you haven’t had to purchase a WAV before, there are many factors you can miss if you try to work through this process on your own. Follow the link to learn more about how you can make modifications to your car to facilitate accessibility for your child.

Financing Your WAV

A WAV can be an expensive purchase, but there are a variety of financing options available to help families with the cost. Many car manufacturers offer wheelchair accessible vehicle discountsprograms to reduce the amount that families will have to pay to convert a vehicle to become wheelchair-accessible. 

Charities may also be able to help offset some of the costs of converting a vehicle into a WAV or purchasing one. If your child requires a WAV due to a birth injury, they may be able to obtain a settlement or win a lawsuit that can pay for their needs, including a WAV.

A WAV is a unique type of vehicle that more people are finding necessary for daily life, especially as the population ages and more people have mobility issues. Your ability to obtain a WAV could become easier as the market for them expands.




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