Is Car Shipping Worth It?

Moving home is stressful enough, without the added worry of having to consider the best way to transport your vehicle. Unless you’re moving down the road, you have to consider the type of transport service that best suits your needs. When long distances are an issue, often the best way to transport your car is getting it shipped. Container shipping involves the transportation of wheeled cargo via ship and is a popular form of transportation for many Americans. When you ship your car with a door to door transport service, you can check it off your list of things to do while moving, knowing that it will safely arrive at your destination via a ship vehicle website.


With a whole host of shipping companies to choose from it pays to know how to select the best one. This means having a checklist in mind that allows you to compare the different types of car shipping, and select the best one for you in terms of their rating, guarantee, and the overall value of the company.

Things To Bear In Mind

Finding the right car shipping country may be a challenge, but there are certain factors that you shouldn’t have to compromise on. Firstly, finding one that you trust is important. Read reviews and see what customers have to say about their experience. Make sure that the company you select offers door to door transport and guarantees the safety of your car in transit. Remember that most car shipping companies charge based on the size and weight of your vehicle, the make, and model, as well as the time of year you choose to travel. 

What About Damage Cover?

The most important factor when it comes to shipping your car, is not cost, but having insurance and damage cover. This is a concern for many car owners, and if a shipping company is not able to guarantee the safety of your car, then it is best to avoid it. If you choose to ship with Ship A Car Direct, you have the benefits of a Damage Free Guarantee program that will ensure your car arrives at its destination in the condition it left in.

How To Prepare Your Car

Preparing your car for auto transport isn’t complicated and doesn’t require a professional service. That being said, there are certainly small things you can do to ensure that your car arrives in optimum condition. Washing your car thoroughly before transport will allow you to spot any damage to your vehicle, that might easily be covered with dust. Remove all attachments from outside your car, including any racks, and retract your antenna so that nothing can detach in transit. Don’t worry about filling your tank up. Having less fuel in the tank is best, as this will minimize the weight for the carrier. Finally, give your car a thorough inspection to make sure you are aware of the exact condition of your vehicle before transit and check for critical things like the tire pressure, which could stop your car from being accepted by the carrier. 


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