Performance Does Not Equal Big Horsepower

The multilayered beauty about cars is, they have endless ways for your to seek out as much performance as possible. The potential to improve everything is why so many of us car enthusiasts will spare no expense to make our machines thoroughbred racing horses. But true performance does not mean higher horsepower. Even if you’re building a dragster, you will need to focus more on handling than on power. You could have all the power you would need to stop the earth from spinning underneath your hood, but if you don’t have the ability to use it, it’s like having zero horsepower. This is why you see top level racing drivers get upset with themselves for spinning their wheels at the start of a race when the lights go out. A lack of traction and acceptance of the power from the car limits performance overall.

Staying on the level

Suspension is an artform when you think about it. Technicians and designers will spend all of their professional life getting a car to sit happily at 200mph as well as it does at 0mph. But for road cards it’s different because there are potholes to contend with, slippery oily roads, dirt, stones and grime are on different road surfaces. Getting your car to sit evenly and stay on the level, despite gradient changes is a hard task to accomplish. But according to the Low Offset team coilovers are the best thing to put on your car. They keep the car level at all four ends, making sure that weight is evenly distributed and that all four tires are kept in contact with the road despite any momentum shifts. Cars like the G35 which have long sleek coupe body, are great examples of where coilovers would come in useful.

Thick, robust and sticky

The only part of the car that touches the road are the tires. The tires are therefore the bridge that the car walks to the road. Essentially, all the power, handlings and driver inputs must go through four pieces of carefully crafted rubber. Choosing the best kind of tires for your car is easier than you think. Keep in mind that the tires should be made out of dense rubber, they have a robust internal design and the material used is naturally sticky. Low profile tires also help immensely in handling such as changing direction quickly. For the road you need a robust tire that won’t compress and misshape so easily. The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 tires are highly desirable for any sports car.

No junk in the trunk

We could so easily improve the handling of our car and indeed our fuel economy, if we just kept it simple. Take the things you don’t need out of the car, don’t put your junk in the trunk. If you go to the gym but not every day, then leave it at home and not in your car. 

To improve your performance you don’t need to increase horsepower. Do what you can to lighten the car yourself, put on some robust sticky tires and keep the car level at all times. 


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