Get Cheaper Car Insurance With These Nine Easy Tips

Car insurance is essential for any car owner. Well priced insurance that will offer adequate protection against the cost of a car accident or theft can be hard to find. Follow these tips to find insurance that won’t leave you out of pocket.

  1. Shop around for deals. Prices can vary wildly between different car insurance companies. Use online comparison sites to find a food deal, and remember to check companies that don’t use them. Look into companies who offer discounts that you might be able to claim, like offers for older or female drivers.

  2. Don’t add younger drivers to your policy. Younger drivers are more likely to have accidents, and are therefore more expensive to insure. Also, there is a separate Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers; it comes with different clauses and coverage policies. Get your kids their own insurance when they’re ready to drive, and they can begin building up their no claims bonus. You also shouldn’t let anyone who is a habitual traffic offender be added onto your policy, as this can cause your own premium to skyrocket too. When it comes down to it, extra drivers drive up the cost of insurance. Only insure regular drivers, and add others as and when they need to use the car.

  3. Pay A Higher Excess. As long as you choose an amount you can afford, being willing to pay more on your excess when you have to make a claim will lower your premiums.

  4. Protect your car. All insurance policies will ask you about where you leave your car, so keeping it secure will mean a lower premium. Keeping your car safe will also save you having to claim on your insurance. If you have one, always park your car in the garage. Parking on your own drive is the next best thing, with on-road parking considered the least safe. Make sure your car has a good alarm and consider fitting a tracker or an immobiliser. A dash cam can be helpful if you have an accident and need to prove you were not at fault. Basics like a steering wheel lock can also help to keep your car safe.

  5. Ask for a lower price. If you’ve done your research, you’ll know what the lowest price you can get is. If you prefer the offer from a different company, approach them with the lower price you’ve found and see if they’ll match it. Many will in order to get your business.

  6. Hold onto your no claims bonus. If you’ve been a named driver on the insurance policy of a parent or a friend, see if you can transfer any no claims you owned over to your new policy.

  7. Choose a cheaper to insure car. Sporty models and cars with larger engines are usually more expensive to insure. Instead of choosing a flash model, swap it for something more modest and check what it will cost to insure.

  8. Bundle your insurance. Some companies will offer generous discounts for customers who have more than one kind of insurance with them. See if you the company who already does your home insurance offers insurance for cars, and if you can get a discount that way.

  9. Reduce your mileage. Having a high mileage on your car will push your premiums up. Try and reduce the amount you use your car, opting to walk or use public transport when you can. This not only saves on your car insurance, but you’ll be fitter and helping the environment too.


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