Confidence Boosting Ideas For Novice Drivers

Whether you’ve just passed your driving test (congratulations), or have been on the road a little while now; it can be daunting when you’re not used to driving without help or your instructor. Don’t worry, it’s totally normal to be hesitant and somewhat nervous when you begin your journey as a new driver, it means you can about road safety. However, you don’t want those nerves to hinder your driving experience, and cause any further issues when you’re sat at the wheel. Therefore, it’s worth doing all you can to alleviate your novice driver nervousness, so you can begin to hit the road with ease and more skills.

Remember, you’ve already passed your test, so you’re armed with the knowledge and skills it take to become confident and proficient when you’re getting from A to B. It’s worth keeping in mind that you’ve already achieved your license, especially when you need a boost. Now is the time to hone and perfect your skills, and do all you can to keep up the momentum so that your car doesn’t remain parked on your driveway. The following are some ideas, advice, and inspiration for fresh drivers who are keen to build belief in their abilities in the car for a happy and enjoyable road ahead.

Build Your Contacts

Preparing yourself for every eventuality is a great way to build confidence before you’ve even left your driveway. Therefore, it’s crucial to source reputable companies, help, and assistance, before you actually need them. Having these people stored in your phone contacts, will give you the peace of mind that should anything happen, you’ll be covered and ready to deal with the situation. Make sure that you have adequate insurance for your vehicle; you might find that you insurance is a little higher as a novice driver. However, the more you prove that you’re a safe and responsible car owner, the more you’ll benefit from your time on the road. This is another reason to get out more, and build up those skills.

Having a garage within a dealership, or a mechanic you trust, is another way to ensure that your vehicle can run smoothly at all times. Make sure you go and get your car checked regularly, and if you’re concerned about anything, make a note of it before your visit. You’ll want to be prepared for any sort of breakdown or accident. Ensure that you have the details of an auto accident lawyer, and have already joined a roadside assistance service. Knowing that you have people to help you immediately after an unfortunate incident, should calm your nerves somewhat, and, hopefully, you’ll never, or rarely, need to utilize them. Although they won’t be a contact as such, it’s worth noting down any gas stations you might need to use on your journey, and getting to know the simplest route to them. Knowing exactly where you can refuel will ensure that you’re never caught short, and need to call someone out to top-up your gas (a very expensive option). Also, gas stations can provide you with much-needed snacks and hydration; ideal for keeping you alert.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s sounds so obvious, but practising really will help to build up your competence and confidence on the road. In the months, and, even year, after you’ve passed your driving exam, it’s worth making your car, and driving it, your new hobby. Utilize your free time to get out there on the road. You can also use this time to keep practising all those maneuvers that will be fresh in your mind. Not many people enjoy things like parallel parking, or reversing round a corner; however, the more you do them, the less of an issue they’ll be when you actually have to use them, in a calm and timely manner.

Get your family and friends to park on the street so that you can practise reversing into a tight gap, or next time you’re at the supermarket; spend a little time parking in some of the more awkward spaces. Be the one who offers to drive, on days or evenings out; keep up the momentum after your driving test so that none of your skills will begin to deplete.

Drive Out Of Your Comfort Zone

There are an array of ways to start driving out of your comfort zone. You might hate busy roads; this means that rush hour should be something you should try and master as much as possible. Unfortunately, you can’t control other road users; however, you can learn how to remain calm during stressful situations, and make the most of your time in the car. If you prefer not to drive in the dark, that’s understandable; however, going out for an evening drive regularly, will help to ensure that you’ll be perfectly able to make a journey when it’s dark, whenever the occasion should arise. As previously mentioned, it’s all about a constant level of practise, even if you don’t enjoy particular times or places.

As you begin to build your confidence more and more; you can head out for longer road trips than what you’re used to. As long as you’ve done all you can to prepare (remember all those contacts), you’ll be able to see a fresh destination as an adventure and somewhere to explore, rather than something you’ll be dreading. Although certain weather conditions should be avoided whenever possible; you’ll need to master driving safely in the majority of weather, and at most times of the day. Therefore, if a rainy evening is your last choice regarding grabbing some things from the store; make it a priority to get out in your car and grab those items. Take a loved one with you, keep remembering you’ve got all the skills and qualifications needed, and remain vigilant at all times.

With all that preparation and practise, there’s no reason that you can’t become a confident driver, and the words “novice” and “nervous” will eventually become a distant memory, every time you get into your car.


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